Ross Chastain praises Carson Hocevar after recent incident

“I think back to what I was doing at 20 years old and I wasn’t that fast.“

by Sead Dedovic
Ross Chastain praises Carson Hocevar after recent incident
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The NASCAR world brings thrills week after week. Fans of this sport, especially the older ones, know that this sport has had various incidents and controversies over the years, including this time as well. Sometimes the center of attention was the more experienced ones, and sometimes the younger ones.

Carson Hocevar is currently the most interesting name on the NASCAR scene due to recent events. NASCAR has issued penalties against Carson Hocevar for intentionally causing Harrison Burton to spin under caution during Sunday’s Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway. As expected, Hocevar had to face the consequences of his actions, being fined $50,000 and losing 25 points for violating the NASCAR Member Code of Conduct. 

The 21-year-old American is now 24th instead of 22nd, 181 points behind the playoff cutline. 

Hocevar will have a tough task ahead, and with this move, he has further jeopardized his position. Despite the many criticisms against him, some have decided to praise Carson and his driving. 

Ross Chastain, a NASCAR legend, commented on Hocevar in a media interview, saying that Hocevar is way better than Chastain was at 20 years old. Ross is surprised by the great things Hocevar is doing in the car, also emphasizing the team around him that helps him grow as a driver.

“I think back to what I was doing at 20 years old and I wasn’t that fast. I am constantly amazed at how he makes speed with these cars. And then off the track, he has a group around him that is there to help him grow and grow with him for the long haul. Because he’s so fast, they are invested in growing with him.”-Ross Chastain said, as quoted by Sportsnaut.

Carson Hocevar
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Chastain further confirmed that Carson has a great team of people around him, and Jeff Dickerson is a person who can handle this in a great way. Hocevar could learn a lot from Jeff, a person who has experience in the NASCAR scene, and a person who can help him overcome this moment, focusing on the future. Based on his experience, Chastian can certainly give useful advice to Hocevar.

“[Carson] and I talked yesterday and he has a good group of people here at the track so he doesn’t need me,” Chastain said. “He’s got Jeff Dickerson and he’s great. I talked to him earlier in the week. One of Jeff’s strong suits is that he’s very good at dealing with this and helped me get through some of my past mistakes. It was really refreshing to hear from Jeff and what they went through and how they worked through it this week.”- Chastain said.

Ryan Blaney reacts to Hocevar's move

Ryan Blaney is also one of the NASCAR stars who decided to react to Hocevar's moves, considering them unacceptable. Blaney is also someone who has experience in the NASCAR scene, so he has had the opportunity to witness such events many times in the past. He believes that such moves should not be repeated in the future. 

Blaney points out that NASCAR officials made the right move when Hocevar was penalized after the race. There is no other way to prevent such things than through penalties. Hocevar will probably learn his lesson the hard way, just like most of his more experienced colleagues who had to learn such lessons the hard way in one part of the rear.

That’s something I’ve seen too many times out of that guy from different series. That’s not cool. Don’t do that. They parked Layne Riggs for two laps for running through the back of somebody in that truck race (last weekend) at Nashville. I think everyone made a big deal when Hocevar did that in the Cup race, and then they rightfully penalized him after the race. That’s the only way you’ll get that stuff to stop. You have to make them pay a lot of money, fine them from points, things like that. If it’s bad enough, make them sit out.“- Ryan Blaney said.

Blaney confirmed what we were talking about, which is that most young drivers learn a lesson. There are many things you should not do during a NASCAR race, Blaney points out, and when you know that things are prohibited, you should not spoil things for others or yourself. Hocevar felt the consequences on his skin.

We will see how this young driver will act in the future, and whether he will change his driving style and strategy. NASCAR is a sport in which we have witnessed such scenes many times, so let's hope that there will be fewer of them in the future.

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