Nashville rain delay: Denny Hamlin and Tyler Reddick assess car handling and strategy

This race surprised many on the NASCAR tracks who weren't sure how to react.

by Sead Dedovic
Nashville rain delay: Denny Hamlin and Tyler Reddick assess car handling and strategy
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The Nashville race turned out to be different from what some expected. Weather played a huge role in the whole story, and some NASCAR drivers decided to share their opinions on it. Several drivers faced challenges, finding it difficult to perform at their best again after delays, frustrated by their cars' inability to rise to the top. 

Many were also impressed by the strategies of individuals who impressed with how they managed to achieve their goals. 

The "Actions Detrimental" podcast was a great opportunity for Tyler Reddick and Denny Hamlin to discuss the race. Tyler Reddick commented on Christopher Bell's performance, believing there wasn't much difference in the car's capability.

“I pretty much noticed zero difference in his car capability from the time he [Christopher Bell] put on the right side tires to the time he back to four tires a little bit later in the race,” Reddick said, as reported by On3.

Tyler Reddick and Denny Hamlin
Tyler Reddick and Denny Hamlin© Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images Sport

Hamlin mentioned how he watched Christopher Bell's performance during the rain delay, stressing that Bell's lap times remained consistent despite changes in tire strategy. Bell himself acknowledged a mistake regarding battery voltage concerns during the delay but expressed confidence in their strategy and chances for a strong finish. Despite setbacks, such as dropping to sixth place after the delay, Bell remained optimistic about their prospects for victory if they executed their plan effectively.

“Yeah, actually I looked at his lap times during that, during the rain delay. You know, he was running three sub-30.50 laps in a row and it was the same as what it was on four tires. We took four, Chris came to me right when that rain came, I got out of the car and he greeted me right as soon as I got out he’s like, ‘I screwed up, I was so worried about your battery voltage, I just fumbled the ball here. But thanks for a good restart, you got us back in the game, we’re back now P6.’ He’s like, ‘We’re fine. We’re going to win this race, we just execute this correctly, we’re going to be fine.’“- Denny Hamlin said.

This race surprised many on the NASCAR tracks who weren't sure how to react. When rain appeared, it caused strategy changes for many, hoping for a different outcome. The race was indeed demanding and required adaptation. Some succeeded in this, while others left disappointed. Joey Logano appeared as perhaps the happiest from this race, showing that his strategy was truly special. Logano was patient, knowing the moment would come when he could surpass others, and ultimately, he achieved that.

“It was an interesting situation because the field kind of split there. I took four, a few other people took four as well but the bulk of the cars up front took two. That definitely was the right call but it shuffled the field at least during that point. Certainly when the rain came and then everyone has got their stuff cooled off, it reset everything. Because usually the falloff that we do see in these tires is through heat. So, any time you can cool them all the way back off they’re usually going to fire right away.”- he continued.

Denny Hamlin hoped that this race could be special for him, anticipating a victory and a chance to rise to the top. Hamlin desires to finally win the championship after a long wait, but he was unable to achieve that goal. Reddick had better chances later in the race but couldn't stop Logano. Many wonder what this week holds and whether the race in Chicago will bring something different. Expectations are high.

Joey Logano

In the race, Logano faced a critical fuel situation where his car nearly ran out just before the finish line, with the fuel light coming on in turn three. Despite starting in the 26th position, he managed to maintain his lead over Tyler Reddick, who had a faster car towards the end. This race marked Logano's first experience in a fuel-mileage strategy race, stressing its importance in his career.

Logano admitted that it was great to get the win, considering that this season has been difficult for him in many moments. In the moments when you achieve an important victory, a dose of pressure certainly comes off you. He is happy that he can perform for this team and be part of the whole story. Logano hopes that he will experience similar moments in the rest of the season. Already the race in Chicago will be a chance for him to try to repeat the same, aware that it will be difficult.

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