Kyle Larson calls for respect amidst rivalry with Denny Hamlin

“Now going forward I think I’m ready to move on.“

by Sead Dedovic
Kyle Larson calls for respect amidst rivalry with Denny Hamlin
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Denny Hamlin and Kyle Larson haven't been on good terms for a long time, and fans expect to see them possibly engaging aggressively on NASCAR tracks again. They have a history of various clashes on NASCAR tracks and perhaps have the best credentials when looking at the current roster. 

Kyle Larson shared his thoughts on the Nashville race on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, emphasizing that he is now ready to approach racing with a new mindset and a new way of competing. He intends to respect others but also to expect the same attitude and mindset from his rivals. 

Larson doesn't want to revisit past clashes or fear new incidents. His goal is to capitalize on opportunities ahead of him and strive for good results. If he doesn't have good relationships with certain individuals on NASCAR tracks, things could turn against him.

“Where I’m at I think, you know, Nashville’s is really the first time that I’ve got to, you know, I feel like in my mind, show that I’m over it. Or like over the way that I’ve been raced. Now going forward I think I’m ready to move on, I’ve got zero issue at this point. I would like a little bit of respect on the race track and a little bit more room than maybe I’ve been given.“-Kyle Larson said on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

Larson has emphasized the focus on his team, as well as Denny Hamlin's team, highlighting that both teams are fighting for the top. These are teams with great histories behind them, always striving to be at the top. Larson does not want to spoil his team's reputation, nor does he believe anyone should spoil their team's reputation. The most important thing is for him and Hamlin to smooth things over, and according to Larson's words, things could move in a positive direction. Larson stressed that the two of them have had some clashes in the past, but the intention is to move on from them as soon as possible.

“Yeah, I think if we do that we can go back to racing fair and challenging each other fairly for wins. … I think that we are the two top teams in the sport right now so we’re going to be battling for a lot more wins together and all that throughout the races and all that.

So, I’ve enjoyed racing him in the past, it’s just we’ve had a few run-ins. Like I said, I’m ready to just move on and go back to having fun racing each other. Nashville is what it is and like I said, ready to move on.”- Kyle Larson continued.

Denny Hamlin
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The 31-year-old revealed that he is ready to forget about things, and pointed out that if you want to go into the future without conflicts, it is necessary to forget about the previous ones. Larson is ready to race, give his best, and see what direction his career will take.

A few days ago, Denny Hamlin looked back on their clashes on the track, considering that it was all fine. Hamlin seems like someone who doesn't hold too much against Larson for everything, considering he did similar things to Larson in the last race.

"I thought it was fine. We were messing around with each other, like we were last week," Hamlin said. 

"We were battling for third right there on the stage and he ran me up, which was all good. I ran him up last week a little bit."

Larson reflected on the restart, thinking that things turned out well for him and his team.

"On the restart with the 22 (Joey Logano), the 22 was mad at me, but the 5 tried to clean us out there, and I think he tried to clean us out at the end there but got the 1, so it all worked out."

Kyle Larson is the leader, while Hamlin is third

Kyle Larson currently leads the NASCAR Cup standings with three victories this season, putting him in a strong position to contend for the championship. However, the competition is tight with Chase Elliott trailing by 20 points and Denny Hamlin close behind with 621 points, just 43 points shy of Larson. The race promises to be exciting until the end, as several drivers are in contention for the title.

Hamlin has also secured three wins this season, matching Larson's tally, but has faced challenges in other races. As a seasoned figure in NASCAR, the question remains whether he can finally clinch his first NASCAR Cup Series title. This is something fans of the sport are eagerly hoping for.

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