Joey Logano breaks down fuel-saving strategy in Nashville victory

“It’s no different than if you wanted to save fuel going down the road,” Logano said.

by Sead Dedovic
Joey Logano breaks down fuel-saving strategy in Nashville victory
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Joey Logano is a driver from whom we are used to seeing great things, and throughout the history of this competition, he has impressed and surprised NASCAR fans many times. The 34-year-old had mixed expectations before the race in Nashville, and the scenario that happened was certainly something he did not expect.

Joey Logano delighted NASCAR fans after his victory in an exciting race at Nashville Superspeedway. Famous figures from the NASCAR world have shared their thoughts on Logano's win, marveling at how he managed to achieve it. 

The Dale Jr. Download podcast provided Dale Earnhardt Jr. with the opportunity to discuss how Logano saved fuel and secured his first win of the season. Logano confirmed that driving strategies are not considerably different from those used on the road. He highlighted the brake pedal as the primary issue and culprit for fuel consumption. Logano also revealed what else aided them during this race.

“It’s no different than if you wanted to save fuel going down the road,” Logano said. “The first thing you do is eliminate the brake pedal. The brake pedal is the No. 1 fuel mileage killer. There’s a few things that went into allowing us to run as long as we did. For one, I think there’s 40-something laps of caution within that 110-lap window. That helps a lot. You can save so much gas under caution.“- Joey Logano said, as quoted by On3.

Joey Logano
Joey Logano© James Gilbert/Getty Images Sport

Logano is an experienced driver who smartly handled the situation, knowing what could be ahead. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated intelligence both individually and as part of his team, and this time was no different. The 34-year-old driver patiently waited for his opportunity, understanding the advantage he had, and he conserved fuel by driving slowly and steadily.

“You look at in-car cameras, everyone’s got the engine off. You’re coasting, so the more you can coast obviously helps with that. The fact that we weren’t as far forward as some of the other cars we were racing at the end of the race when we started that run, the further back you are, the pace is a little bit slower, you’re burning a little less fuel.”- he continued.

Logano explained that maximizing fuel mileage in NASCAR involves several factors outside just driving technique. He emphasized the critical role of teamwork, highlighting aspects such as how effectively the fuel cell is filled, the performance of the gas man in achieving the optimal flow rate, and the speed at which the fueling process is completed. 

According to Logano, achieving the best possible fuel mileage requires a coordinated effort from the entire team to ensure the car can complete as many laps as possible on a single tank of fuel.

Joey Logano on his victory

Logano reflected on his victory amidst a race that saw five overtime restarts, a scenario he hadn't experienced similarly before. He emphasized the importance of Team Penske's achievement, mentioning that they had managed to place a car in Victory Lane across all the series they competed in over the last eight weekends. 

Even though he has been a part of the NASCAR scene for years, and has many moments and various situations behind him, it seems that Logano has not faced similar things yet. The greatest thing in the whole story is that he managed to win a race like this, which has not been seen for a long time. This gives even more importance to his victory.

Despite the challenges faced during the race, Logano expressed satisfaction in maintaining this streak for his team and race shop, stressing the collective effort that contributed to their success.

Team Penskee and Joey Logano

A 34-year-old driver is proud to be part of Team Penske, which has huge faith and hope in him. When you have team leaders who believe in you, are open to helping you, and work together with shared strength, it is quite normal to expect positive results. Logano has been a part of this team for 11 years already. In that long period, he has gained vast experience. Needless to say, Logano knows the people within the team very well. Team Penske possesses a great team spirit; everyone works as one, and expectations are huge, just as they have always been.

After the race, Joey admitted that this victory was indeed very important to them. The race, which brought a lot of excitement and unpredictable situations, turned out to be the best for Logano. Joey will face a significant challenge in the remainder of the season because, after this victory, expectations of him will be even greater.

Joey Logano