Dale Earnhardt Jr. reflects on Bubba Wallace and Aric Almirola's incident

“I don’t think we’ll ever really know. I could probably call Denny [Hamlin] and say give me the scoop, and he’d tell me.“

by Sead Dedovic
Dale Earnhardt Jr. reflects on Bubba Wallace and Aric Almirola's incident
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Recent headlines regarding Aric Almirola and Bubba Wallace and their physical altercation have captured everyone's attention. According to The Athletic, two well-known names in the NASCAR world recently fought, leading to Almirola's suspension by Joe Gibbs Racing. Almirola has chosen not to comment on the matter. 

On the other hand, Bubba Wallace has been clear, stating that it isn't necessary to comment on such matters, especially since he received instructions from his team. Wallace emphasized that he said a lot in Charlotte last year, and those who remember know that Wallace didn't have kind words for Almirola.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., known for sharing his opinions on various incidents and scandals through his podcast, Dale Jr Download, decided to react this time as well. Earnhardt commented on the incident involving the two well-known names in NASCAR, believing that we may never find out what happened between Wallace and Almirola. 

Although The Athletic reports that Almirola initiated the conflict, other details are not known. Dale stresses that he could reach out to Hamlin, who might reveal some things, but he doesn't plan to take that step.

“I don’t think we’ll ever really know. I could probably call Denny [Hamlin] and say give me the scoop, and he’d tell me. Out of respect to Bubba and Aric, it’s probably best that they be the ones to tell that story if they ever want to.“Earnhardt said, as quoted by On3.

Bubba Wallace
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Dale considers the atmosphere to be heated, thinking there were many witnesses in those moments. Some NASCAR drivers have tremendous faith in JGR, believing that the team leaders probably made a decision that is best for everyone. Earnhardt stresses that the leaders of this team would not act in a way to suspend Almirol for a certain period without reason.

“Things must have really gotten heated in that room. If I had to guess, there’s probably a dozen people in this competition meeting. So you got a lot of witnesses, a lot of people to see how this all gets started or whatever happens. I would trust their judgment and trust Joe Gibbs Racing’s judgment to make the decisions and handle this the way they think they needed to handle it. If it was to suspend Aric and pull him out of the car, then I trust that that’s what needed to happen.”- he continued.

Aric Almirola
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Earnhardt expressed his hope for a resolution, wishing for reconciliation and cooler heads to prevail between Aric and Bubba. He also hopes that Aric could continue to compete throughout the season and potentially secure some victories before considering retirement.

This situation doesn't favor either driver, especially not Almirola, who appears to be the main culprit according to everything. Aric is an experienced driver, and such things shouldn't happen to him. However, in the heat of competition and the desire for success, these scenes are common in the NASCAR world, even when the main actors are the most experienced. Sometimes, we must face the consequences of our actions and feel the repercussions of the mistakes we make.

Almirola's suspension should be over in about two weeks when he will return to the big stage. Of course, no driver wants to have a long break, or to be punished, but Almirola had to feel the consequences of his actions.

Bubba Wallace on the incident

In an interview with the media, Wallace admitted that he does not want to talk about this situation, preferring to focus on the next challenges as well as on his family. Wallace is an interesting name from the NASCAR scene and a driver who is often the target of criticism. The African-American driver is known for his appearances outside the tracks, promoting human rights, equality, and inclusiveness for all. NASCAR fans have divided opinions about him. On the one hand, we have those who support his work outside of the NASCAR scene, while others believe that Wallace should rather focus on the challenges on the NASCAR tracks.

Bubba Wallace's intentions this season will be to secure the playoffs, but he will have a very difficult task. This season is far from perfect for him, though there are indications that things could change in the coming races. Wallace grew from year to year, only to feel a little stagnation this year.

NASCAR has not yet made a concrete comment regarding Wallace and Almirola, and it seems that this will not be the case in the future. Both drivers want to forget about this as soon as possible and turn over a new leaf in their careers, but also in the relationship they had.

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