Denny Hamlin calls for NASCAR to punish Carson Hocevar

“I’m gonna call on NASCAR here — they need to do something to Carson,” Hamlin said.

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin calls for NASCAR to punish Carson Hocevar
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NASCAR wouldn't be NASCAR if week after week we didn't see excitement, surprises, and incidents. Although the latter shouldn't bring joy, the fact is that incidents attract the most attention from NASCAR fans. We were once again able to witness another one of them, where the main actors were two young NASCAR drivers.

Denny Hamlin, in the Actions Detrimental podcast, decided to share his opinion regarding Carson Hocevar and his intentions to intentionally spin Harrison Burton. NASCAR fans are aware that Hocevar has had similar intentions earlier in his career, which is certainly something NASCAR officials must address. 

Hamlin primarily directed his message to NASCAR officials, believing they need to take action. His behavior season after season is absolutely unacceptable, and there should be consequences. 

Hamlin is a passionate figure in NASCAR and closely follows the NASCAR Truck Series. Last season, he also noticed Carson doing similar things, which raises the question: Why has no one reacted to his behavior?

“I’m gonna call on NASCAR here — they need to do something to Carson,” Hamlin said, as quoted by On3.

“They don’t need to suspend him or anything like that, but they need to dig into his pocket a little bit because I think you have to — anytime you have someone that goes before a judge, they always take into account your past history. And we’ve seen this happen when he was in the Truck Series, I think he right rear hooked someone under caution at Martinsville.“

Denny Hamlin
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Hamlin emphasizes that this time, Harrison felt the consequences of Hocevar's actions, and in the future, someone else could experience the same. Denny believes that Hocevara has repeatedly engaged in such behavior throughout his career without notice or punishment. He argues that such actions should result in more severe penalties, as he doesn't consider point deductions to be the best solution.

“Carson goes through these moments where he’ll be fine and then all of a sudden, he’ll just lose it. Certainly, Harrison took exception to it as he should. The 77 crashed him under caution. You need to dig into his pocket. Points is whatever, I don’t really know if he cares about points. … You gotta do something.”- he continued.

Harrison Burton reacts

Harrison Burton expressed anger after the race, frustrated by his colleague's behavior on the NASCAR tracks. Burton believes that Hocevar has done the same things many times, and when someone did the same to him, he wanted to wreck him. Burton also pointed out that Hocevar is not a favorite among NASCAR fans due to his driving style.

“I don’t know, he blocks everyone every week and I blocked him once and he decided to try and wreck me under yellow. So, I don’t know. He’s on a lot of people’s lists as guys they don’t like racing. So, it kind of shows you why.”- Burton said.

NASCAR officials have not yet commented on this incident, as they are conducting analyses, and in the coming days, they could make a final decision regarding this incident. We will see what decision will be made and who will bear the brunt. 

Hocevar finished the race with a P16 finish and will enter the next races equally motivated to achieve a great result. The question is how much his driving style will cost him in the upcoming races. Some are eager to do the same as Hocevar has done many times. Making enemies in the world of NASCAR is definitely not a good thing.

The 21-year-old driver has shown many times in his career that he possesses talent and qualities. Perhaps the most important thing for him will be consistency. If he truly wants to succeed and achieve great things, consistency will be crucial in his pursuit. 

Hocevar has not commented on the latest incident, which doesn't mean he won't in the coming days, especially if NASCAR imposes a penalty. Carson has no intention of giving up the style he has had so far, ready to dominate the competition in the upcoming races.

This season could bring a lot more excitement for these two drivers, not only for them but for all NASCAR drivers. NASCAR fans are divided when it comes to this incident, with sympathy for each.

It is difficult for fans of this sport to look at the situation objectively if they have a favorite among the drivers. NASCAR is the one that has to look at things objectively and rationally and make the best decision. Hocevar will impatiently follow the development of the situation, and see what kind of decision NASCAR leaders will make.

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