Kyle Larson takes responsibility, details role in Kyle Busch wreck

Larson had no right to be happy with the last race.

by Sead Dedovic
Kyle Larson takes responsibility, details role in Kyle Busch wreck
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Kyle Larson had no reason to be happy with his performance at the Ally 400, given that he was involved in several incidents on the track. Larson managed to run the dreams of Ross Chastain and Kyle Busch after taking them out. Kyle Busch, a man who has had no luck this year, once again met the same fate. 

Although he was amazing during the race and looked like he would finish in the top 5, things turned out differently. Kyle Larson decided to give his word to FOX regarding the incident with Busch. He admitted that they ran out of fuel, which caused the wreck. Larson is not happy that he was the one who caused problems for Kyle Busch.

“I just got really out of shape, through the gears, and thankfully didn’t cause a crash on the front-stretch. Then the next one we ran out of fuel, and caused that wreck. So yeah, hate that for Kyle,” Larson told FOX

Although he knew they were out of fuel, he had no warning, Larson says. This great driver was aware that the fuel situation was not ideal, but he did not expect things to happen in such a way. Larson points out that he had no other choice at that moment, stressing there was no intention of his act at any moment. The 31-year-old is not someone who wants to do such things, but NASCAR is the kind of sport where these situations are quite common.

“I had no warning. Well, obviously we knew we were really close on fuel, it was going to be a stretch to make it, but I had no low fuel pressure alarm or anything on my dash, so it was a bit surprising to me. When I went to the throttle, it just never went. So, I couldn’t really get out of the way either, because we were still to the wall. Like, I hadn’t gotten to the dog-leg yet, to get out of the way.“- Kyle Larson continued.

Kyle Larson
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Larson admitted that he is sad for his colleague who is not doing well this season. Busch desperately needed the points, but was unable to get them. The most important thing for Larson is that they managed to get into the top 10. However, he is not happy that he did damage to a colleague like Busch.

“So yeah, I’m really, really bummed for him and all that, because he needs the points. Thankfully, we were able to work through the last couple of restarts and get a top ten, but you know, bummed with how it all kind of ended up.”- he concluded.

Kyle Busch reacts

Kyle Busch is probably losing optimism in these moments, aware that things are not going his way this season. The experienced NASCAR driver faces similar things week after week, but he did not want to be so pessimistic in his interview with the media. Busch pointed out that he is proud of the team that gave everything for him to have a successful race. 

Larson placed special emphasis on Randall Burnett, considering him most deserving to position themselves to fight for the top 5. Many things did not go in their favor during the race, which is why Busch has the right to be disappointed. He also reflected on the situation with Larson, highlighting that he found himself in a dire situation. He does not doubt that his team has the capacity to return to the winner's circle again.

“I’m proud of everyone on the zone team and at RCR for their effort today. We struggled early but our guys kept making changes to our zone Camaro throughout the race. Randall Burnett made great calls to put us in position to score a top-five finish. Those cautions at the end of the race and into overtime really worked against us because we were close on fuel. On that last restart, we were fourth when the No. 5 (Kyle Larson) ran out of fuel just ahead of me and I had nowhere to go. It’s frustrating for sure but we’ll bounce back next week in Chicago.”- he said.

This season in NASCAR turned out to be difficult for many, including the most experienced ones like Busch. Sometimes things don't go the way you planned, and there is no other choice but to accept them as they are. Kyle has to focus on what's next, quickly forgetting what happened. On the other hand, Larson intends not to make the same mistakes, trying to improve his impression in the next race.

We will see if both of them will succeed in this.

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