Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses Kyle Busch's challenges for NASCAR playoffs

“I think he’s going to have to win,” Earnhardt Jr. said.

by Sead Dedovic
Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses Kyle Busch's challenges for NASCAR playoffs
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Kyle Busch doesn't have great chances for the playoffs, at least judging by recent events. Considering that this experienced NASCAR driver is 45 points away from the playoffs, he will face challenges and a tough task ahead. He will need something huge in the coming period if he truly wants to be part of the playoffs. 

During his podcast, Dale Earnhardt Jr. commented on Busch's chances, believing that only a win could potentially be a turning point for this great driver. 

On the other hand, Dale is not optimistic that Busch and his team have the speed and capabilities to beat the cars currently competing for the playoffs. Looking at the course of this season, many share a similar opinion with him, but knowing Busch and his determination, we don't doubt that he will give his all to make it to the playoffs.

“I think he’s going to have to win,” Earnhardt Jr. said, as quoted by On3.

“I don’t think that they have the speed to beat the cars around them, or beat the cars that are in the playoffs currently.“

Earnhardt Jr. stresses that Busch's car doesn't have the necessary speed. Considering the career of this great driver, it's hard to rule him out as a playoff contender, given his qualities and determination. Earnhardt Jr. has faith in Busch's ability to turn the season around in his favor.

“I don’t think they have the speed. But they do have the flash, that’s capable — they are flashy, and capable of rolling in somewhere and winning a race. No question. I still believe that about Kyle Busch.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.© Meg Oliphant/Getty Images Sport

Earnhardt Jr. stressed the struggles Kyle Busch has been facing, describing it as a tough day and a long, tough month, with Busch getting lapped early in the race. Despite these difficulties, Earnhardt Jr. voiced confidence that Busch and his team could turn things around, noting that Busch could potentially win the next race. He underscored the unpredictability of Busch and his team, mentioning that although this year has been worse compared to last year, Busch has the capability to perform well when they have a good car.

RCR is an experienced team with great drivers at their disposal. Sometimes, experience can be a crucial factor when striving for amazing results. Busch is a man with huge experience, and the team's leaders can hope that his experience will be an important factor in the overall effort.

Kevin Harvick and his opinion

The RCR team is facing huge challenges, and the question is whether they will manage to pull through. Kevin Harvick, also a NASCAR legend, shared his thoughts on RCR's chances for the future. Harvick believes that Busch is under scrutiny and that many are eagerly watching his performance. He pointed out that he has also been in similar situations where it is difficult to operate. In such moments, there are a few crucial factors, and Busch surely knows what they are.

“Unfortunately, in the scenario that you’re in and on the Cup Series side, you’re under the microscope, and you can’t hide from it. I’ve been in these scenarios before where it doesn’t seem like you can get your head above water to be able to figure out what to do and then it starts affecting the morale of the team and creates conversations that you don’t want to have.”- Harvick said.

Harvick explained that there's still uncertainty because the points standings are getting tighter. If another winner occurs, it could push the drivers currently in the 15th and 16th positions out of the playoff spots, and suddenly bring down the next driver who is around 30 points ahead.

This highlights how tense the NASCAR scene is at the moment. Each driver faces immense pressure that can shatter many dreams. One NASCAR race can change a lot and turn the season in a different direction. These are the moments when the mental aspect of the sport comes to the forefront and can be decisive. 

Looking at the top, many quality drivers are leading the way, all aiming for victory. Denny Hamlin surely has the greatest desire among them, considering he has been part of this sport for many years. Despite having great results, he has never managed to win the NASCAR Cup Series. Perhaps this year will be the opportunity for this experienced driver to make history in the sport.

The Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway will be a great chance for some to make a positive result. There is still time until the start of the playoffs and August, when we will watch the best in one place. We expect excitement just like in previous years.

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