Chase Briscoe to join Joe Gibbs Racing for 2025: Joe Gibbs explained the decision

The 29-year-old NASCAR driver will open a new chapter in his career.

by Sead Dedovic
Chase Briscoe to join Joe Gibbs Racing for 2025: Joe Gibbs explained the decision
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Chase Briscoe will be the new driver for Joe Gibbs Racing starting next year after Martin Truex Jr. confirmed a few days ago that he will retire at the end of this season. This news has generally produced positive reactions from many, who believe that Briscoe will be a great addition to the team. 

Joe Gibbs, the team owner, commented on this decision in a media interview, explaining why they chose Briscoe for their team. Gibbs clearly holds Briscoe in high regard and was aware that he had to make the right decision to lead his team in the right direction.

“I think when it comes to picking talent, you come from a football background with the draft and everything, so the most important thing we do is our people, and the people that you have on your team. So for us really here, it always starts with character. You’re always looking at what kind of a person that you’re getting,” Gibbs said, as quoted by On3.

While several names were mentioned as potential candidates for a seat on the team next season, Chase had certain characteristics that appealed to the team's leadership. They saw potential in him that apparently, they did not see in other drivers. Joe Gibbs emphasized the importance of having amazing individuals in the team, as they represent the team on the big stage. He set a high standard, wanting a driver who possesses human qualities, and Briscoe clearly met that criterion.

“The thing that’s different about our sport is that these guys have to represent companies. They represent us. They’re going to be in public. If you kind of see, the drivers have always really respected the drivers in NASCAR, because you just don’t find people getting in trouble. It’s a very high standard. So that’s what always kind of we start with, and you’re looking at, because it’s so important. You just think about Bass Pro, and the fact that Chase will be representing them, so it’s such a big deal for us.“- he continued.

Joe Gibbs
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Joe Gibbs, of course, did not want to deceive the public, thus he emphasized the importance of having a quality driver, as their priority is achieving fantastic results. Their goal is not to have a driver who cannot dominate NASCAR tracks or meet the team's objectives. The first thing they looked at was talent and quality, and it wasn't easy to make the right decision. He acknowledged that making the right decision is very complicated and requires careful consideration. He stresses that it is most important for each individual within the team to feel that Briscoe is the right person for this team.

The 29-year-old NASCAR driver will open a new chapter in his career, ready to conquer the competition and achieve success in his new team. This great driver admitted that he is excited about the next season, expecting great results in this team. He believes that playing for this team implies that you have the ambition to win week after week.

“I’m excited for this opportunity with Joe Gibbs Racing and Bass Pro Shops. From a competition standpoint, JGR is the place to be if you want to go win races week in and week out and to race for the championship every year. I am blessed that Johnny Morris and Bass Pro are on board to help us carry on the legacy of the 19 car.“-Briscoe said.

Chase Briscoe and his future

Briscoe did not hide his excitement even with the fact that he will be part of the Bass Pro brand. It's a great partnership for him and everyone involved. His intentions in the coming period are to show the team leaders that he deserved this chance, and the best way to thank them for this opportunity is through great results and victories. 

Briscoe will thus, after four years, take a different path and build a career in a team that has huge ambitions. SHR was also a great team, but unfortunately, this team is shutting down at the end of the season. After publishing the news that SHR is shutting down at the end of the season, Briscoe pointed out that he is looking for a new team. 

When you are an excellent driver, opportunities arise immediately, and you have to take them. The next season could bring a lot of excitement, changes, and we have no doubt that NASCAR will give us what we want most.

Briscoe could do great things in the new team, but the most important thing is to remain humble, calm, and to believe in his qualities. Everything else will come with time.