Brad Keselowski: Why don’t we just serve the fans we already have?

The 40-year-old driver believes that sometimes attention should be focused on the fans who have been a part of this sport for years.

by Sead Dedovic
Brad Keselowski: Why don’t we just serve the fans we already have?
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The last race in Iowa elicited mixed reactions among fans and drivers. Some were pessimistic, believing that it wasn't necessary to have a NASCAR Cup Series in Iowa, but NASCAR officials paid no attention to such statements and decided to provide fans with what might satisfy them. 

Brad Keselowski, a NASCAR driver, had an interesting reaction to the race in Iowa, but before that, he placed special emphasis on the improvisations of NASCAR officials, who aim to offer fans something new every year. The leaders of this organization intend to attract fans from all parts of the US and influence the popularity of this sport across all generations. 

The question arises, is it working? Judging by the reactions, NASCAR officials have done a good job. However, Keselowski still has some doubts regarding certain tracks and the reasons why NASCAR officials choose specific tracks.

“I think our sport goes through these kind of ebbs and flows where — I have to be careful what I say here that I don’t get in too much trouble — but we go through these ebbs and flows, though, where we’re like ‘Hey, let’s go to Big Market X’ whatever that might be, LA, Chicago, New York. Pick your kind of big market of the day, or maybe it’s international. And we get kind of excited about the idea of competing in these markets that they might have 10 million people living in the city or whatever it might be.“-Brad Keselowski said,  as quoted by On3.

The 40-year-old driver believes that sometimes attention should be focused on the fans who have been a part of this sport for years and who relentlessly support NASCAR and its drivers. According to his statements, Keselowski thinks that these fans are being neglected and that attention is being given to new generations and faces who will follow this sport in the years to come.

“And sometimes we lose sight of the fact that why don’t we just serve the fans we already have?”- he continued.

Although many expected Keselowski to continue fiercely, likely criticizing NASCAR officials after such statements, Keselowski took a different approach. Looking at the last race in Iowa, he couldn't shake the impression that fans from this region genuinely wanted to see NASCAR. The 40-year-old is happy with the reception and reactions from the fans, who were thrilled.

“What I saw in Iowa, and I loved it by the way, was fans that wanted us there,” Keselowski said on the Kevin Harvick Happy Hour. 

He recounted an autograph signing experience where fans expressed their anticipation, mentioning they lived nearby and had been waiting for years for a Cup race to come closer to them. Keselowski was impressed by their enthusiasm and the importance of the event to them.

Brad Keselowski
Brad Keselowski© Meg Oliphant/Getty Images Sport

Keselowski stresses that these are the types of fans who will return to this sport, not just fans who are here for a year to analyze and understand what it represents. He feels that the fans in Iowa truly love this sport. He emphasizes that NASCAR officials sometimes get caught up in the chaos and forget how important it is to pay attention to fans from certain areas, chasing after places that may not have as much potential and perspective. It turned out that fans in Iowa are indeed hungry for NASCAR, enjoying what the NASCAR drivers have provided for them.

Brad Keselowski on the marketing factor

The 40-year-old driver put an accent on the marketing factor of the race, stressing that this race offered something different in that aspect. During the race, sponsors and brands appeared that hadn't been seen before. This alone speaks volumes about how important such details are for NASCAR, as they create a new image and atmosphere.

“And the other thing I really liked about Iowa, and I’m not from anywhere close to Iowa, but I’m from Michigan which is considered the Midwest. But all the sponsors that sponsored the race were kind of brands that you didn’t see anywhere else.“-Keselowski said.

Keselowski pointed out that one of the key indicators of a great event for him is whether it has the backing of the community. It's not just about the fans but also about the involvement of local government or other entities. He highlighted the importance of the governor attending the race, seeing it as an obvious sign that the community welcomes NASCAR's presence. Keselowski shared a personal philosophy of focusing on places where there is real enthusiasm and support, and in Iowa, it was evident that NASCAR was warmly embraced.

Iowa proved to be a great host, and we will probably be watching them in the future.

Brad Keselowski