Bubba Wallace sends powerful message celebrating Juneteenth

“Been thinking a lot about the role today plays in this sport and the responsibility I have with my platform,” Wallace wrote.

by Sead Dedovic
Bubba Wallace sends powerful message celebrating Juneteenth
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Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of Juneteenth, specifically four years since it was recognized as a federal holiday. This holiday has become established in American history, as it signified the end of slavery in the US. NASCAR is just one of the organizations that pay special attention to this holiday.

Besides NASCAR, many major organizations in the world of sports celebrate Juneteenth. 

In 1865, Union soldiers arrived in Texas and informed African Americans that the Civil War was over and they were free. NASCAR is just one of many that have been emphasizing unity, equality, and rights for all for years. An important figure in this story is 30-year-old driver Bubba Wallace, who gives special attention to this holiday every year.

Bubba Wallace indirectly confirmed via social media that he considers himself someone whose voice matters in the whole story, and that he has a huge responsibility when it comes to his platform. The great NASCAR driver celebrates this date, marking the moment when African Americans were freed from slavery.

“Been thinking a lot about the role today plays in this sport and the responsibility I have with my platform,” Wallace wrote on Twitter. “Juneteenth celebrates the freedom of enslaved African Americans in the US.“

Wallace is happy that he can promote true values on his platform, advocating for equality and acceptance of diversity. The 30-year-old confirmed that many must change their views and perspectives and focus on true values in life such as understanding others and compassion.

“Seeing faces at the racetrack from ALL backgrounds is something I’m proud to play a small role in. As we celebrate today I invite you to step out of your comfort zone, challenge your perspective, and move forward with compassion and understanding. All love.”- he wrote.

Bubba Wallace
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It's interesting that the driver of 23XI Racing is only the second African American in the history of this sport. Outside of this holiday, he is someone who emphasizes equality and the rights of all, often provoking reactions from fans. Wallace is a person who month after month seizes the opportunity to emphasize such issues, considering them as among the main challenges not only in American society but worldwide. His statements sometimes provoke mixed reactions from fans who have divided opinions about Wallace.

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There is a group of fans who often criticize this 30-year-old, believing that sports should be Wallace's main focus rather than promoting things unrelated to sports and NASCAR. They think Wallace seeks attention in various ways, emphasizing that his focus should be on results on the track and success in NASCAR. Wallace is aware of such reactions but has no intention of changing his beliefs or stopping his advocacy for the rights and equality of all. His desire remains to continue with the same policy.

Wallace has never denied his dedication to racing and success on the tracks, often becoming frustrated with his results, but he believes that someone must speak out in times when rights and equality for all don't seem to be at their best. After a successful season, Bubba Wallace has entered this one even more optimistic and ready to achieve results.

He is a driver who doesn't settle for small things, willing to take an extra step towards success and always give more of himself to reach the goal.

Wallace has raised his voice on this date in previous years and highlighted the importance of this holiday through social media, hoping that the future can be brighter for all citizens, not just in the USA, but worldwide. Issues related to inequality and discrimination are not only present in this country but across the entire planet. In recent years, more efforts have been made on this front, with representatives of various equality organizations seeking celebrities to promote these ideas. Bubba Wallace is one of them. Athletes are likely the best way to reach people, given that famous athletes have large fan bases and attract huge attention.

This does not mean that organizations promoting equality are doing bad things. No. On the contrary, it is commendable to show the world in this way that this is a time when we must emphasize equality and the rights of all as much as possible. This is the only way we can look at the future as brighter and more beautiful.

Bubba Wallace has admitted that he will never give up on his intentions and that his ambitions will continue in the future as well.

The 30-year-old has already set his sights on the upcoming challenges and races, ready to step up his game for the rest of the season.

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