Dale Earnhardt Jr. thinks Chase Briscoe to JGR could be a risky decision

Chase Briscoe is a figure who from the earliest days of his career attracted attention due to his qualities.

by Sead Dedovic
Dale Earnhardt Jr. thinks Chase Briscoe to JGR could be a risky decision
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After Martin Truex Jr. confirmed his retirement at the end of the season, speculations have already begun about who might succeed this great driver. Several names are being considered, and Chase Briscoe appears to be the leading candidate to fill the void in the team next season. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared his opinion on Briscoe during a podcast, suggesting that he could potentially inherit Truex Jr.'s role. Dale expressed some uncertainty about this option for the future, despite acknowledging Briscoe as a talented driver who has demonstrated his abilities in recent years.

“I’m not sure. Chase Briscoe I think’s a really good racecar driver and more often than not since (Kevin) Harvick‘s peak, Chase has kind of been the car that runs the best and has the best position in points. So he’s the more consistent producer at Stewart-Haas Racing.”-Earnhardt Jr. said, as quoted by On3.

Chase Briscoe is a figure who from the earliest days of his career attracted attention due to his qualities. As a child, he was already involved in karting, and over time, he became part of short races and regional series. Given that he demonstrated impressive qualities even then, it was clear he was ready for the next step in his career. Chase progressed over the years and eventually became part of the NASCAR Xfinity Series, where he particularly impressed fans of the sport.

The most important step in his career happened in 2021 when Chase Briscoe became part of the SHR team in the NASCAR Cup Series. Briscoe showed that he is ready for great things, and no one doubts that his career will only go upwards.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his explanation placed special emphasis on Truex Jr. rather than on Briscoe, highlighting how impressive Truex Jr. is as a driver. He believes that the upcoming season will show whether Truex Jr. truly was that impressive or if he had a car that allowed him to achieve good results. It will likely be then that a true conclusion can be drawn regarding everything. Whoever succeeds him will have an interesting but challenging task to demonstrate their qualities.

“I think that the 19 car is a championship car, a top-five car. Martin is a really, really good racecar driver, so we’ll see just how much of that he was doing to keep that car up front, right?. When that car switches drivers and the performance changes for the better or worse, it acknowledges the ability of the previous driver, right? Either for the better or for worse in public opinion, at least.“-Earnhardt Jr. said

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
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Dale still believes that Martin is truly a phenomenal driver. He recalled an interesting moment in his career when he urged Rick Hendrick to hire Martin Truex Jr., believing they would make a great team duo. Earnhardt Jr. emphasizes that this best illustrates how much he wanted to see Martin on the team. Impressive is what Truex Jr. has achieved in past seasons, especially in 2017 when he managed to win the NASCAR Cup Series.

Despite having certain doubts, Earnhardt Jr. stresses that the story between Briscoe and Joe Gibbs Racing could be positive. Of course, it's difficult to draw a definitive conclusion or speculate on what the new driver can achieve. Judging by past seasons, it's certain that Briscoe has the potential to help this team achieve good results. There will be great interest in the vacant seat, and many will want to fill Truex Jr.'s place. Ultimately, only one will succeed in doing so.

“I think this is gonna work out, but I think there’s a level of risk, as well, for Joe Gibbs Racing,” Earnhardt Jr. said.

Chase Briscoe on his future

Stewart-Haas Racing will cease operations as a team at the end of this season, which opens the door for Chase Briscoe. In an interview with the media, the 29-year-old talked about the future and pointed out that he is close to an agreement, not wanting to reveal the name of the team. Briscoe feels positive about his next destination, admitting that many factors influenced his decision.

“I feel like I’m pretty close [to a 2025 deal]. I feel pretty good about it. There’s a lot of different [factors in the decision]. Performance is one thing that definitely [in] weighing the options is something that is important, the future and what the future looks like.“-Briscoe said.

He admitted that the financial aspect will also be important, given that he has twins on the way, and that he will have three children. It is necessary for him to secure a real future for his children, and the new contract could provide him with a huge financial injection.

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