Harvick on Truex Jr.'s retirement: At some point, you get tired

Harvick reflected on Truex Jr.'s retirement, drawing parallels with his own retirement last year.

by Sead Dedovic
Harvick on Truex Jr.'s retirement: At some point, you get tired
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Martin Truex Jr. confirmed a few days ago that he will step away from Joe Gibbs Racing and conclude his career as a full-time driver with this team. During the press conference, Truex Jr. emphasized his happiness with his journey with this team and the memories he has made. However, his intentions are different, and Truex Jr. sees his future in a different light, pleased with the decision he has made. 

This great driver admitted that he will give his all until the end of the season and help the team achieve its goals. It seems this won't mean the end for him in NASCAR, as he has other plans related to NASCAR in the coming period. 

He has been part of JGR for five years and managed to secure 34 victories during that time. The time has come for parting ways, and we will see new faces on the NASCAR scene from the next seasons onwards. His retirement has sparked numerous reactions from legends of this sport, current and former drivers, fans, and experts.

Kevin Harvick is one of those who reacted, and during his podcast, he emphasized that Martin Truex Jr. has been part of the NASCAR scene for many years, gaining great affection from fans and everyone else involved in this sport. Harvick is someone who has had the opportunity to share the track with him and is aware of how great a person Martin Truex Jr. is.

“Martin Truex Jr. has been a fixture in Cup Series for a number of years now. He’s been around this sport for a long time, has a tremendous amount of respect from the competitors in the garage. I know Martin probably would have rather just said I’m done after the last race and not have to deal with it, but I’m really happy that we get to celebrate what Martin has done.“-Harvick said, as quoted by On3.

Martin Truex Jr. achieved huge success in his career by winning the NASCAR Cup Series title in 2017. Truex dominated that season, winning a total of eight races and finishing first in the regular season standings. It was his best season yet, where he proved unstoppable to his competitors. Repeating such a season is challenging and daunting, but Truex Jr. never gave up on his goals, even when things seemed far from ideal. 

That's precisely why the departure of such a driver will create a void in the NASCAR scene. 

Harvick reflected on Truex Jr.'s retirement, drawing parallels with his own retirement last year. Kevin noted that Martin will probably adjust to retirement better than he did. It will be interesting to follow his journey in the coming period and see how he performs for the rest of the season.

“He’s a champion, he’s a great person and he’s probably going to do better with retirement than I do with it because he’s got a great fishing habit. He’s definitely put some time in over the last couple of years in making that better. I’m really happy that we have half the year to celebrate Martin and what he’s accomplished in our sport.”- he continued.

Kevin Harvick
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Martin Truex Jr. began his professional racing career back in 2004, eventually becoming a part of the NASCAR Cup Series. Like every driver who has been a part of this sport for many years, his career has been marked by ups and downs. However, despite everything, Truex Jr. has maintained authenticity and shown courage and determination. The pinnacle of his career, as we've already mentioned, was the year 2017 and the moments when he won the NASCAR Cup Series championship.

Kevin Harvick on Martin Truex Jr.'s decision

Harvick reflected on Truex's decision to retire, attributing it to personal reflections and timing. He reflected on his own annual consideration of retirement, understanding the uncertainty and the need to find the right moment. For Truex, despite his performance not being the issue, the challenges and distractions of the current season took a toll. Harvick emphasized that dealing with setbacks, drama, and the overall demands of racing can have an impact on even the most accomplished drivers. 

Especially in modern times, with social media and critics around every corner, individuals often struggle to cope with everything and sometimes feel the pressure to 'burn out'. To be a top athlete, it is essential to be mentally resilient.

Finally, Truex reached a point where he desired a break from the chaos and simply wanted to lead a more ordinary life, focusing on activities like fishing and enjoying the fruits of his racing career. Harvick supported Truex's choice, stressing the importance of finding happiness and relaxation after years of fierce competition.