Kyle Larson Reflects on Iowa Wreck with Denny Hamlin

“I haven’t seen a replay yet. I guess I could have just not gone to the middle.“

by Sead Dedovic
Kyle Larson Reflects on Iowa Wreck with Denny Hamlin
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Kyle Larson is still thinking a lot about what happened at Iowa Speedway, wondering if things could have turned out better for him. After the crash with Denny Hamlin and Daniel Suarez, he was really frustrated. He felt like the race could have gone differently and maybe helped his team more.

Larson had high hopes for this race. He always aims for the best and saw this as a big chance to do well. But after the wreck, he'll have to wait for another opportunity.

After the race, he thought back over what he did on the track. He realized that at certain points, he might have made different choices that could have changed things for the better. His goal was to take control and get to the top. But trying so hard to achieve that came with consequences.

Even though things didn't go as planned, Larson isn't giving up. He talked openly about how tough racing can be and how small decisions can make a big difference. Looking forward, he's focused on learning from this experience. Each race is a chance for him to get better and keep pushing towards success in NASCAR.

I haven’t seen a replay yet. I guess I could have just not gone to the middle and been more patient knowing how fast my car was and knowing who I was around. I wanted to get as many cars as I could in the beginning of that little run and it probably ended up biting me.”-Larson said, per Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports, as quoted by On3.

Denny Hamlin
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The last race was a whole new experience for Kyle Larson, where he could have won again for the second time in a row. Before the race started, Larson knew it would be tough because no one knew what to expect from this new track. 

Larson, who's known for understanding racing well, admitted the track was slippery at first. But as the race went on, the grip improved, making it easier to drive. He adjusted his strategy to make the most of these changing track conditions.

Even though Larson tried his best and adapted during the race, he didn't end up winning this time. He sees each race as a chance to learn and grow, knowing that small differences in racing can make a big impact. Larson remains focused on improving and aiming for success in future races, staying determined in the competitive world of NASCAR.

“You’re going to have to be on the new pavement. When we tested there, it was so slick. It took probably four hours for us to make comfortable laps. But then once the grip came in, it was normal. …But with only three cars there, there was lots of marbles just outside the groove, so if you missed it by an inch you would lose a second on your lap time.“

Looking ahead to the race, Larson expressed curiosity about whether similar conditions would persist, particularly wondering if marbles outside the racing groove would lead to more mistakes, which could in turn facilitate passing opportunities. Despite these uncertainties, he tried to maintain optimism, mentioning the track's progressive banking as a potential advantage. Nevertheless, Larson admitted that the true nature of the track's conditions would only become clear once he and other drivers were on it during the race weekend.

Kyle Larson and his goals

Kyle Larson has great goals for the rest of the season, driven by his impressive track record and determination. Three years ago, he won the NASCAR Cup Series, showing he has the potential to be great in racing. Despite facing challenges recently at Vegas, Larson is determined to come back stronger. His experience in competitive racing could be really important now. Plus, the support from his team will be crucial. Fans are excited about the upcoming races, hoping Larson can deliver more wins and maybe even add more trophies to his collection.

Reflecting on the incident post-race on pit road once again, Larson expressed his thoughts on what happened. He stressed that a replay would have clarified whether he was at fault or not. Larson admitted that deciding not to go three-wide might have prevented the crash, although it would have likely placed him in sixth position going into Turn 1. Despite this, he recognized that finishing sixth would have been preferable to being involved in an accident.

Incidents like these certainly won't deter drivers of Larson's caliber. On the contrary, this will motivate Larson to step up and achieve great success in the upcoming races. He is a driver who can truly turn things in his favor. We hope he succeeds in doing so.

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