Corey LaJoie Amused Fans: "Do We Need a Designated Place to Punch People?"

“I wish that there was like if you push or shove it’s like five grand like levels. You know going into it like if I connect and there’s blood, it’s going to be 50 (grand).“

by Sead Dedovic
Corey LaJoie Amused Fans: "Do We Need a Designated Place to Punch People?"
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After the scandal and clash between Kyle Busch and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. after the All-Star Race, many drivers, former legends, experts, and fans have shared their opinions. 

Opinions vary. While some consider Busch the main culprit, there are also many who think Ricky Stenhouse Jr. could have acted differently in this conflict. 

Ultimately, following the clash between Busch and Stenhouse Jr., NASCAR officials decided to fine Stenhouse Jr. $75,000. Additionally, his father was suspended indefinitely, while team members were also suspended for a period of time. 

It's difficult to draw a definitive conclusion and assign blame, but Corey LaJoie amused many with his take on the situation during the Stackin Pennies podcast. LaJoie decided to joke and emphasized that the penalty should be based on whether the driver was pushed or if there was blood, suggesting increasing the penalty accordingly.

“I wish that there was like if you push or shove it’s like five grand like levels. You know going into it like if I connect and there’s blood, it’s going to be 50 (grand). If I graze, it’s like 15 (grand).”-LaJoie said, as quite by On3.

Corey LaJoie then questioned the designated place for punching people, considering the severity of the fine. Corey seemed surprised by the amount of the penalty, believing that no one is worth hitting for such money.

“Do we need a designated place to punch people because nobody’s going to punch anybody for $75,000? I ain’t doing it on pit road, because there’s no face worth punching for 75 grand. That’s a lot of money.”

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was fined $75,000 for punching Kyle Busch following the All-Star race last month. In an interview with Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports, Stenhouse explained that he was extremely frustrated during the race and felt his anger fluctuate between intense bursts and moments of calmness while sitting in the hauler. Upon reviewing the incident multiple times, including analyzing race data, his frustration escalated greatly. Stenhouse emphasized that while accidents are a part of racing, he believed Busch's actions were intentional rather than incidental. Reflecting on his response, Stenhouse mentioned that if given the chance, he might have chosen a different way to address the situation.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
Ricky Stenhouse Jr.© Meg Oliphant/Getty Images Sport

Stenhouse Jr. is likely frustrated because NASCAR officials didn't listen to his opinion regarding the incident, nor did they hear his side of the story, probably because they themselves had the opportunity to see what happened during the race and feel that no further explanation is necessary. On the other hand, Stenhouse revealed that he had a phone conversation with Busch, but they still haven't met or sat down to resolve their issues. Stenhouse Jr. has several questions for the experienced driver.

“I still haven’t gotten to really make my point yet to NASCAR,” Stenhouse Jr. said. 

“I did on the phone; we talked back and forth for three or four days. But I still haven’t sat down with them. And I’ve got a lot of questions.“

He also didn't expect to receive such a severe penalty, even though he knew he would be punished after everything that happened. Nevertheless, he has no choice but to accept things as they are.

“I figured there would be some kind of (penalty), right? Suspensions, fines, whatever. Obviously, I didn’t think it was going to be that high. And I didn’t think my crew guys would be out that long.“

Of course, Stenhouse is surely disappointed with what happened, but there's no other option but to accept things as they are. This talented NASCAR driver certainly regrets everything. However, NASCAR is a sport where at times it's hard to ignore what's happening and stay focused on the race. Stenhouse probably doesn't want to be part of such scenes anymore, especially given the seriousness of the penalty he received. The question arises: What can we expect from these two great drivers in the future? Kyle Busch is known for pushing aggressive driving, but Ricky also tends to push boundaries in moments of high energy.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s stats

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. hasn't been particularly impressive this season. His best result in the NASCAR Cup Series was at Atlanta, where he finished 6th. After that, he had a somewhat rough patch with several races where he wasn't competitive. However, Talladega offered something entirely different for him, and this talented driver finished 4th there. Stenhouse Jr. hasn't had notably strong results this season, but he remains steadfast in his commitment to achieve the goals he set before the season. The recent incidents haven't helped or made his job easier, but he's prepared to give his maximum effort to reach his objectives.