Kevin Harvick: I’m starting to feel sorry for Kyle Busch because of everything

Kevin Harvick expressed sadness for Busch during the 'Happy Hour' podcast, considering all that he's been through.

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin Harvick: I’m starting to feel sorry for Kyle Busch because of everything
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Kyle Busch is failing in his efforts this season, no matter how hard he tries. The experienced figure of the NASCAR scene encounters identical problems week after week, deepening his frustrations. Busch has been unable to secure a victory since the beginning of the season, and the latest incident where Ross Chastain dumped him on the final lap likely heightened his frustrations to indescribable levels.

 Some fans, as well as current and former drivers, empathize with Busch. Kevin Harvick expressed sadness for Busch during the 'Happy Hour' podcast, considering all that he's been through. The former NASCAR driver reflected on all the misfortunes that have befallen Busch in recent weeks, understanding his frustrations. Harvick believes that Busch might be particularly disappointed with the last race in Sonoma, where Kyle managed to overcome some obstacles, find his rhythm, and head in the right direction. However, in the final moments, Ross Chastain broke his dreams.

“Now I’m to the point where I’m starting to feel sorry for Kyle Busch because of everything that is happening. He wrecked last week with Kyle Larson at St. Louis, went to Indy for the tire test and crashed, heard some rumblings that he crashed his rental car. And we go there [Sonoma], he ran off the track in practice, then he ran off the track at the beginning of the race, and then gathers it all up, he’s driving along, gonna have a good day, finally gonna get over this and wham. Ross Chastain wipes him out. Overshoots Turn 4 and wipes him out.“- Kevin Harvick said, as quoted by On3.

Harvick emphasizes that Busch had a great opportunity to achieve another top-five finish, but ultimately, he remained disappointed with the outcome of this race. Kyle Busch is a well-known name in the NASCAR scene, and he's someone who is always expected to perform at the highest level. However, it's difficult to maintain balance and believe in yourself when you encounter the same problems week after week. The question is whether Busch still has the motivation and passion to continue this season.

“He still finished the race, but he was in contention to have another top-five and kind of stop the bleeding but man, that wound is still open.”- he continued.

After the end of the race, Kyle Busch expressed his frustrations with the same outcome, but it seems that he is used to such scenarios. Busch primarily pointed out that some individuals during the race had better tires than them, but despite everything, Busch had a great rhythm. Anyway, one man managed to tear down everything he built and ruin his day.

“A couple of guys there at the end of the race had better tires than we did but we were going to have a good day. Unfortunately, one of those guys got into us on the last lap and ruined our day. It’s frustrating to not get the finish that we deserved.”- Kyle Busch said.

Kyle Busch
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Busch isn't the only one who expressed frustrations, as his wife, Samantha, also sent a message to Chastain in an interesting way, considering he made a mistake. She wrote via X:

”Locked up my tires” aka over drove the corner.”-Samantha wrote.

Ross Chastain shares his thoughts on the race

Ross Chastain also couldn't be satisfied with the race, deciding to share his thoughts when it comes to Sonoma.

Chastain began by expressing his excitement about the thrilling moments at the beginning and end of the race, stressing that the rest of the race felt like just setting lap times, except for some restarts. He mentioned feeling satisfied with his ability to pass cars, maintain speed, and be aggressive on the track. However, he admitted confusion about the strategy and the outcome, particularly regarding why the No. 5 car won while he finished fifth. He also expressed uncertainty about what happened with the No. 8 car.

Chastain admitted to being confused about a few things. The most important thing is that Chastian, at least that's what he points out, had no intention of hitting Busch. Chastain stressed there were a lot of things happening during the race, but he is happy about Chevrolets.

“I’m pretty confused about most things here, but he checked up down into 4A. I popped out to not hit him, and then I locked up, going in there, into his right. So definitely not trying to run into him, and then get run into by the No. 9 for a spot in 11. So, a lot of bowties running together today. Glad one of them got the win.”- Ross Chastain concluded.

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