Jeff Gordon Emphasizes Kyle Larson's Team Was Unconcerned About Waiver

“They seemed to be business as usual and prepping for the next race.“

by Sead Dedovic
Jeff Gordon Emphasizes Kyle Larson's Team Was Unconcerned About Waiver
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Kyle Larson's waiver dominated headlines and conversations for days on end. Speculations ran as to whether Larson would indeed be granted the waiver and what implications it would have on his season. As a 31-year-old American, Larson likely felt the weight of uncertainty, not sure of the outcome of NASCAR officials' reviews.

Meanwhile, Jeff Gordon, the vice chairman of Hendrick Motorsports, was calm in that whole chaos. Rather than focusing on the waiver saga, Gordon and the team remained composed and focused on their objectives. They approached each day with a sense of determination, directing their attention toward upcoming races and continual improvement. 

Hendrick Motorsports is a team that has great drivers in all series, and they are ready to bring joy to the fans again this year. Larson, as a key figure, will surely lead the way on that journey. Of course, there will be many obstacles ahead, but many believe that he has the potential for great things.

Gordon's peace was not just personal but extended to the entire team, promoting an atmosphere of confidence and unity. Despite the speculation surrounding Larson's waiver, they maintained their composure and trust in the process. While the decision from NASCAR remained uncertain, they had optimism and readiness to adapt to any outcome.

“Yeah, I didn’t see it affect the the majority of the team. I think it was on the minds of Cliff [Daniels] and Kyle and Rick [Hendrick] and Jeff Andrews and myself and Chad [Knaus], at that level, maybe on the PR/media side of things. But as far as how that trickled down the team, I didn’t see where they were really wavered by it.“- Gordon said, as quoted by On3.

Jeff Gordon, the vice chairman of Hendrick Motorsports, and his experience

Gordon is an experienced figure in the world of NASCAR, given that he was a driver himself, and he knows very well what the role of a driver entails and how a team must behave. He intimately understands the nuances of a driver's role and the critical importance of team dynamics. Aware of this, Gordon and the team were calculated in their approach. They recognized that Larson would absorb the atmosphere around him; thus, projecting fear, pessimism, or tension could have effects on his performance.

With this understanding, they consciously cultivated an environment of calmness and confidence. They knew that being calm was their strongest asset. In doing so, they provided Larson with huge support, especially during challenging moments.

Gordon affirmed the importance of the upcoming races for Larson. They see these races as opportunities for Larson to showcase his skills and for the team to demonstrate their unity and strength. It's a collective effort, where every member plays a role in heading Larson towards success. With such a supportive team behind him, Larson can tackle any challenge with determination and resilience, knowing that he has the backing of his team every step of the way.

“But no, they seemed to be business as usual and prepping for the next race, the next two races, the way they normally do. I think the best medicine in any of those situations is getting back to the racetrack. Especially when they got here, home track for Kyle, and I think a track that they enjoy racing at, and a lot of the competitors do.“- Gordon said.

Kyle Larson
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Denny Hamlin, Kyle Larson battle: Who'll win?

Let's talk about the season ahead, where all eyes are on Denny Hamlin and Kyle Larson. These two are the ones everyone's buzzing about, as they battle it out for that top spot in the championship race. Hamlin's been in the game for a while now, and you can tell he's hungry for that championship win. He's putting everything he's got into every race, showing us what he's made of.

Then there's Larson, coming off a great season in 2021. He's motivated and ready to build on that success, ready to prove he's no one-hit wonder. Some fans believe all the drama leading up to this point is just adding more fuel to Larson's fire. He's out there to silence the doubters and cement his place among the greats.

With each race, the tension's rising, and these guys are pushing themselves to the limit. 

We'll see then, who of these two can do more, whether it's Hamlin or Larson, who wants to make a big step. Fans are excited and share their opinions when it comes to the duel between these drivers. Hamlin is more experienced, and maybe thirstier for success, while Larson certainly won't just stand by silently and will want to raise the trophy.

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