Kyle Larson's Perspective on the Accident with Kyle Busch; Busch Sarcastic

“I’m sure it’s my fault,”-Kyle Busch said.

by Sead Dedovic
Kyle Larson's Perspective on the Accident with Kyle Busch; Busch Sarcastic
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Kyle Busch was once again in the spotlight, this time during the last race at Gateway. After previously having an incident with Ricky Stenhouse Jr., something similar happened this time. The 39-year-old driver was a DNF on the day after he and Kyle Larson made contact. Larson managed to finish the race in P10. Opinions about this accident vary. While some believe Larson is the main culprit, many point the finger at Busch. Larson addressed this incident in a media interview, revealing how things looked from his perspective. Kyle Larson had an interesting take on everything.

“Yeah we were coming to the end of that stage and I was a little bit better than him and left four to side-draft him and barely touched his quarter panel and I don’t know, I guess it ticked him off and he squeezed into me. I honestly thought I had a flat when I turned into one because it just turned around backwards, but I guess he must have just took the air off of me and [I] spun. I’m not sure what his side of it was, but that was my side, I guess.”- Kyle Larson said, as quoted by On3.

Kyle Busch shares his view

Kyle Busch also shared his opinion regarding the accident in the last race. The 39-year-old has the right to be disappointed considering the recent events in the last few races. Right from the start, Busch decided to be sarcastic about the incident with Larson, emphasizing that he is the one to blame. The 39-year-old is particularly disappointed for his team, given how much they want to start achieving good results, but encounter problems week after week. When such things happen, it's difficult to maintain optimism.

I’m sure it’s my fault,” Busch said. 

“Hate it for my guys, everybody on the Rebel Camaro. We can’t afford days like this. So, hate it for them and trying to race for a playoff spot and gradually falling [in the standings] there a bit and just – yeah he got loose and wiped us out.”

Kyle Busch
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Busch hasn't been shining since the beginning of the season, and the recent races don't provide much optimism either. His best result this season in the Cup Series is a third-place finish at Atlanta. These are not the standards Busch is accustomed to. Some have already written off this season for him, believing he's far from his goal. However, Busch has never considered giving up as an option.

Kyle Larson results

On the other hand, the situation is much better for Kyle Larson. Although he had a few races where he was far from impressive, Larson has shown a higher level than everyone else in many races and rightfully celebrated. He has achieved two wins so far this season, in Kansas and Las Vegas. In moments when he is in the championship race, as he is 2nd in the standings, Larson is aware that every point will matter. Kyle Larson wants to win the championship, ready to do whatever it takes.

“I think every point is important for everybody in the field. Even guys at the front of the field like myself you know we’re trying to win the regular season championship and those 15 bonus points go a long way."-Larson said.

Kyle Larson
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Larson reflected on his strategy during the race and the importance of every position. He discussed his plan to stay close to his competitor on the frontstretch and potentially overtake him through the corners if he hit his marks accurately. Larson emphasized that it was simply hard racing and expressed respect for Kyle Busch, highlighting their history of racing well together. The 31-year-old maintained a positive attitude and stressed the competitiveness of the race without having any ill feelings toward the rival driver.

Kyle Larson and the waiver

There's a lot of talk about Kyle Larson and whether NASCAR will grant him a waiver. It will be interesting to follow the situation in the coming days and see what will happen. It would certainly be a huge blow for the 31-year-old if he were to be denied the waiver. Regardless of the outcome, Kyle intends to give his best and ultimately come out as a winner. There is huge pressure on him and his team at the moment. 

The media attention is focused on them, as the waiver has been the main topic for several days now. Larson doesn't want to harbor pessimism or emphasize fear, but considering the importance of the waiver, it's certain that he's feeling the pressure. This fantastic driver is aware of the mistake he made, but he also believes that he will ultimately receive the waiver.

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