Denny Hamlin: I aim to win every week. Tough not feeling great about finishing second

Denny Hamlin has been impressive in the last five races.

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin: I aim to win every week. Tough not feeling great about finishing second
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Denny Hamlin isn't particularly happy after finishing second at the Illinois 300. This great driver displays admirable qualities week after week, but it's clear that his ambitions are much greater than second place. In a media interview, Denny Hamlin reflected on the last race, emphasizing that his ambitions are to win week after week. Finishing second isn't what he wants, but he's also aware that it's a positive result.

“I want to win every week. It’s tough feeling not great about a second-place finish, but it’s just a testament of how strong our team is when we expected to be more than that.”-Hamlin said, as quoted by On3.

Denny Hamlin has been impressive in the last five races. Previously, Denny Hamlin finished fifth at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The All-Star Race also proved to be great for Hamlin, finishing second. Darlington Raceway showcased his strength, as he finished fourth, just like at Kansas Speedway where Hamlin impressed everyone, finishing fifth. The victory at Dover was a huge motivator for him. 

What Hamlin eagerly awaits is winning the NASCAR Cup Series, which is his big desire. Many criticize him for this and believe that by winning the NASCAR Cup Series, Hamlin will definitely leave a mark on the history of this sport. However, some point out that regardless of whether this brilliant NASCAR driver wins the NASCAR Cup Series or not, he is already inscribed in the history of this sport as one of the best. 

Opinions vary, but the fact is that Hamlin has dominated year after year. At times, he probably needed a bit more luck, but no one can deny that Hamlin has achieved tremendous success in his career.

Denny Hamlin aims to win NASCAR Cup Series

Denny Hamlin has previously spoken about his ambitions to win the championship, fully aware that it will be a tough task. Denny is an experienced driver, who believes he is truly ready for such an endeavor. For years, he has dreamed of standing on the podium as the winner of the NASCAR Cup Series. His dream has remained unfulfilled. However, at no moment has Hamlin considered giving up. Even greater motivation for him are the critics who day after day have something to say against Hamlin and his career.

“I feel pretty strong about our chances, for sure. Certainly, it is a little different when you get put under the gun like that, for sure. But you know, until I feel differently, then I’ll let you know.”-Hamlin said.

Denny Hamlin
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In this statement, Hamlin expresses his confidence in his abilities as a driver, asserting that he believes he has the potential to win a championship. He acknowledges that luck and circumstances play a noteworthy role in racing outcomes and suggests that there have been instances where less skilled drivers have won championships due to fortunate circumstances. Hamlin's comment reflects his belief in his own capabilities and his frustration with the unpredictability of racing outcomes.

Denny Hamlin compares NASCAR then and now

Denny Hamlin has drawn a parallel between NASCAR then and now. This experienced driver emphasizes that things are significantly different now than they were in the past. Every sport has progressed greatly when looking at the past and the present. Experienced drivers, in particular, are well aware of this fact, as they can compare the past and present times. Hamlin is aware that it is now much harder to become the champion of the NASCAR Cup Series, but that still doesn't stop him from dreaming and believing that he will achieve his goal.

“It’s different. Find one driver saying that championships are the same as they were 10 years ago, it’s just not. I care about wins and winning every single week because in the end I absolutely would take 60-some wins and no championship over 20 and one. It’s just not even close."- he said.

The 43-year-old driver emphasizes that it would be a great feat if he were to truly win the championship. He also mentioned some of the big names in the NASCAR scene, with whom he would likely be in contention for the championship. His intentions are to prove that he is a step ahead of others this season.

“I just think it’s fun to be able to do it. When you can do it against someone that you really consider a big challenger in Kyle Larson, he’s a champion, not a challenger. I’m probably the challenger. I think it certainly helps your ego a little bit. Like I need that.”- Denny Hamlin concluded.

We'll see how much Hamlin can achieve going forward.

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