Bubba Wallace's Comment Stands Out Among Kyle Larson's Colleagues on Waiver

"I don’t know the thought process of who’s making the decision, right?"- Wallace said.

by Sead Dedovic
Bubba Wallace's Comment Stands Out Among Kyle Larson's Colleagues on Waiver
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From day to day, the same topic dominates the world of NASCAR: Does Kyle Larson deserve a waiver or not? Bubba Wallace, one of the most interesting figures in the world of NASCAR, has shared his opinion on this matter. The majority of NASCAR drivers and fans believe that Larson deserves a waiver considering his prominence in the world of NASCAR and what he means to this sport. 

Larson's fate will now depend on NASCAR officials who will make the definitive decision on whether Larson deserves the waiver or not. During Track Side Live, Bubba Wallace expressed his opinion. Wallace finds it difficult to understand how certain decisions are made. The 30-year-old driver believes that Larson knew well what consequences his decision could bring. Wallace thinks that Larson had time and space to consider his decision.

“We’ve given waivers out for everything, right? But the thing that I do see, which I don’t know the thought process of who’s making the decision, right? He made a choice. He made the choice to run the Indy 500. Knew that weather was bad, knew all that stuff, made a great attempt to get there, but he made a choice. That’s all I’ve got to say.”- Bubba Wallace said, as quoted by On3.

Kyle Larson
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Although Wallace didn't want to give a definitive conclusion, it seems that the 30-year-old still believes that Larson doesn't deserve a waiver, at least that's what his statements suggest. Wallace is evidently someone who thinks that every driver has space and time to think carefully about what to do. Larson took a risk, but ultimately, his risk didn't pay off. Now he's probably under huge pressure, aware of the tremendous loss if he doesn't get the waiver.

Bubba Wallace isn't the only one who has reacted. A large number of Larson's colleagues have given their opinion on the waiver issue. Kyle Busch believes that Larson is a big name in the world of NASCAR, and it would indeed be a shame if he didn't get the waiver

“It’s Kyle Larson. Guy’s doing more for motorsports than anybody else.”- he said.

Kyle Busch
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Denny Hamlin reacts

Denny Hamlin has mixed feelings about the decision regarding the waiver. NASCAR has confirmed that Larson will have to wait for a certain period before they make a definitive decision regarding the waiver. Denny Hamlin questions when Larson's team decided to submit the waiver request. He also understands NASCAR, aware that any decision on their part could provoke criticism. That is one of the reasons why they must carefully consider their options.

“Yes and no. I mean, I don’t know when they submitted it, and what usually is the timeline of accepting or denying in a certain amount of time. But certainly, I think that they made their best efforts to get there. I understand NASCAR’s part, of wanting to protect themselves, from this happening in the future, but you know, I think that they made good-faith efforts to race.”- Denny Hamlin said.

Denny Hamlin
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Tyler Reddick also reacted, considering the situation worrisome. That's the only message Reddick had. He is aware that his colleague is now in a difficult situation.

Brad Keselowski reacts

Brad Keselowski stresses that Larson should receive the waiver, despite the delay. He recognizes the unique circumstances surrounding Larson's situation and supports the idea of drivers running in multiple series, seeing it as beneficial for the sport and the industry. 

While there may be some industry concerns about prioritization during tough times, Keselowski doesn't have a solution to improve the situation but finds it interesting nonetheless. He anticipates that Larson will eventually receive the waiver and hopes they can move forward from this situation.

Brad Keselowski
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It's really difficult to come to a definitive conclusion regarding the waiver and to assess the decisions of NASCAR leaders. The fact is, they will face massive pressure, considering that a large number of NASCAR fans, as well as Larson's supporters, will want Larson to receive the waiver. NASCAR officials will have to navigate this pressure and make the right and logical decision. Many believe that Larson will ultimately receive the waiver, but looking at the history of this sport, we have often witnessed surprises. It will be interesting to see if history repeats itself.

Kyle Larson: The situation is confusing

Kyle Larson still doesn't know what will happen, but he emphasizes that the situation is confusing. He believes that NASCAR is carefully considering their next steps, aware that they will receive reactions regardless of the decision.

The waiver thing doesn’t make any sense as it stands right now. … I’m sure it’s confusing. I think NASCAR’s probably trying to figure out what to do. If I get a waiver, do they have to rewrite the rules?”- Kyle Larson said.

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