Kyle Busch on Ricky Stenhouse's Penalty, the Incident, and Post-Race Moments

“It doesn’t matter whether I agree or not — NASCAR makes the penalties,” Busch said.

by Sead Dedovic
Kyle Busch on Ricky Stenhouse's Penalty, the Incident, and Post-Race Moments
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Kyle Busch and Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s conflict sparks a variety of reactions. Kyle, in an interview with Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports, addressed the conflict between the two and the post-race altercation. He particularly emphasized the penalties Stenhouse received. 

Fans have different views on this incident. While some believe Stenhouse Jr. is entirely to blame, others think Busch must take responsibility for the accident. 

Ultimately, Stenhouse Jr. bore the brunt of it, and Busch discussed whether the penalties were fair or not.

“It doesn’t matter whether I agree or not — NASCAR makes the penalties,” Busch said, as quoted by On3.

During the continuation of the conversation, the host was interested in whether Busch had a different perspective on this conflict after watching the replay. The 39-year-old responded negatively. He believes he left extra room and that Stenhouse Jr. acted inappropriately. Based on his earlier explanation, this experienced NASCAR driver stated that Stenhouse first hit him, after which Busch decided to retaliate, resulting in significant consequences for Stenhouse Jr., who ended up hitting the wall. Ricky was frustrated with the behavior of his older colleague, considering it unacceptable to act in such a manner.

“Nope. I gave extra room and when I was dragging the fence, he smashed my door,” Busch said.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
Ricky Stenhouse Jr.© Sean Gardner/Getty Images Sport

Busch decided to provide an explanation regarding the incident, emphasizing that things were not heated at all at that moment. Busch admitted to making mistakes by running wide, after which Stenhouse had the opportunity to overtake him. However, he emphasizes that he left enough space to avoid contact. Although he touched the fence, Stenhouse still ran into him, which caused immense frustration for Busch.

“You know to me, it’s just Lap 1. The water is not even hot. The tires aren’t even hot. You’re kind of slipping a little bit but yeah, I ran wide into Turn 1. Gave an opening to the middle. He took it. I gave room on the exit to make sure we didn’t touch, so I touched the fence a little bit. I was touching the fence, and he still ran into me and brushed off on my left front corner."- Busch revealed on Charlie Marlow of The Kenny Wallace Show.

Busch explained his belief that ending up in the fence was unavoidable given the circumstances. He admitted to feeling dissatisfied about it and stressed that he retaliated as a demonstration of his frustration. He clarified that while his intention was to unsettle Stenhouse, he did not anticipate the severity of the outcome. 

Busch then recounted attempting to engage in casual conversation afterward, only to be caught off guard by Stenhouse's remarks about holding his watch and suggesting they settle things later. Feeling blindsided, Busch described the situation as an ambush, as he was unaware of the setup involving Stenhouse and his team in different areas. Despite facing multiple adversaries, Busch managed to hold his own and emerged from the encounter without sustaining any injuries.

Some question whether Busch needed to react in the same manner and how fair it is to retaliate in the same way as your opponent, especially considering Busch's experience. Opinions are divided. It's challenging to view this incident from a rational perspective, as at times, we can sympathize with both drivers. The most important thing in this whole story would be for such incidents to be as rare as possible in the NASCAR scene, although it's difficult to expect such a thing. 

Passion and the desire to win sometimes overshadow everything and lead to such situations. Even experienced drivers succumb to pressure and have the urge to retaliate. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why they have become such great names in the NASCAR scene.

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