Christopher Bell's Naptime Shock: Awakening to the News of Coca-Cola 600 Win

"I was laying on the couch and trying to close my eyes.."

by Sead Dedovic
Christopher Bell's Naptime Shock: Awakening to the News of Coca-Cola 600 Win
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Christopher Bell shone brightly in the last race and clinched victory at the Coca-Cola 600 in an interesting manner. This 29-year-old driver reflected on his win during the Dale Jr. Download podcast, which was unique in many ways, given that it was delayed due to weather. After leading the race and experiencing the delay, Bell went back to his motorhome with the intention of sleeping. He lay on his couch but struggled to fall asleep, likely due to the adrenaline he was feeling and the opportunity he had ahead of him. Bell knew that a fantastic opportunity awaited him, one that doesn't come around often.

“Whenever they did not cancel the race, whenever it quit drying, I went back to the motorhome and I was trying to get a nap in. I knew I was going to be a late one whenever we got going. I was laying on the couch and trying to close my eyes. It’s almost impossible to take a nap during a rain delay whenever you’re leading the race."- Bell said, as quoted by On3.

Bell admitted that he was too focused on what could potentially happen when they returned to the tracks. He was asking himself questions; Could he be good enough to continue and finish the race properly? However, after waking up, he realized that he had won the race. He marks it as a unique moment, for sure. Few expected the last race to have such sudden situations, but the happiest in the whole story can be Bell and his team.

The 29-year-old lay on the couch, nervous, listening to the broadcast, but at the same time trying to fall asleep. As he had confirmed earlier, falling asleep under such adrenaline and pressure is not easy. Bell could hear background noise, half asleep. One sound "woke him up", and he heard they were trying to dry the track, but it wasn't working for them. However, after a few moments, he received a notification that brought him immense joy.

“I was laying on the couch and I got the broadcast in the background. They’re playing these radioactive things so it’s just like background noise. I wasn’t asleep or fully asleep anyway. Then all of a sudden, the background noise stops whenever the booth comes on, and I kind of like open my eyes a little bit, I’m watching the TV and someone on the booth starts talking and saying well they’re attempting to dry the track and it isn’t going well. At that same time, my phone buzzed and it was the NASCAR notification that we get, and they said that it was official.”-Bell continued.

Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell© David Jensen/Getty Images Sport

Christopher was confirmed as the race winner, which also marked his second victory of the season. Bell couldn't hide his emotions speaking about such an important win. In the previous two Coca-Cola 600 races, he felt like he could win, but he didn't succeed. Before this race, he motivated himself, expecting a good performance. His team hadn't been shining in the past weeks, so this result was very important for them. Considering the points standings, he emphasized that such a victory is important for them.

Christopher Bell: It was a team effort, and it was amazing to have a good race

Bell is also happy because his team proved to be competitive in this race, having everything necessary to achieve victory. Christopher is pleased with the pit stops and the teamwork of everyone within the team. His primary hope is that they continue like this in the coming period and become more consistent. After such a race, no one doubts that Bell's team has the capacity to be at the top.

“Man, it feels so good – to win or lose – just to have a great race to go off of. A race where we led laps. We were able to pass cars. We lost the lead at times and were able to drive back to the lead.

We had great pit stops. It was a team effort, and it was amazing to have a good race. Hopefully, this is something we can build on and get back to being more consistent.

Before the Coca-Cola 600, Bell wasn't particularly impressive, considering he only finished 6th in Kansas, while in many races, he was even outside the TOP 20. The 29-year-old was also good in some races, but he is aware that he needs to elevate his performances to a higher level. The last race showed his qualities and strengths, though it will be difficult to maintain such a rhythm considering the competition in NASCAR. Bell doesn't want to be pessimistic; his intention is to capitalize on this momentum and enter the upcoming races boldly.

Christopher Bell