Chase Briscoe on SHR Team Closure: Have No Idea What I'm Doing Going Forward

Chase Briscoe emphasized through a video that he could never have imagined such an outcome

by Sead Dedovic
Chase Briscoe on SHR Team Closure: Have No Idea What I'm Doing Going Forward
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Stewart-Haas executives surprised many with the announcement that Stewart-Haas will be closing at the end of the year. Drivers who are part of this team are now in uncertainty, as they must find a new team. This shouldn't be a problem for most of them, especially Chase Briscoe, who has been part of this team for seven years. 

Briscoe is a quality driver who will surely attract interest from big teams. 

On Tuesday, Chase reacted to the news of the team's closure via social media. Briscoe emphasized that he never expected this day to come. He has spent many great years on this team, with wonderful memories behind him. However, it seems that every story must have its end, and so does this one.

“Hey everybody, here in the parking lot at Stewart-Haas. Just got the news that we’re shutting down at the end of the year. So yeah, crazy time. I never thought this day would come. I’ve been at Stewart Haas for the last seven years now. It’s truthfully became like a home to me and feels like a family. Just what an incredible group of men and women at this place that just make it feel like home and just make you enjoy coming to work each and every day.”- Briscoe said.

Chase Briscoe expressed his main concern for the team members, hoping they all find promising opportunities. He stressed the incredible dedication and sacrifices made by everyone on the team to support his dream of racing at the highest level. Briscoe reflected on the surreal realization that this would be his final year driving the 14 car, a vehicle he admired and idolized during his upbringing. These circumstances certainly mark unusual times.

This amazing team has faced many challenges lately, especially considering that Ford's support was supposed to end at the end of this season. Additionally, two main sponsors, Smithfield and Anheuser-Busch, have terminated their partnerships with them, and without such support, it seems difficult to continue operations. The team's leaders have also emphasized that leading a team requires immense dedication and day-to-day focus. It also seems that the team's leaders are somewhat tired of everything that has been happening over the years. Briscoe will have the opportunity to continue his NASCAR adventure with another team, but he is certainly not happy with this turn of events.

Chase Briscoe; Never thought it would happen

Chase Briscoe emphasized through a video that he could never have imagined such an outcome. It is still unknown where he will continue his career, but the next weeks and months could confirm or at least provide clear indications of Briscoe's future path. He hasn't forgotten to express gratitude for the amazing support he receives every day. Briscoe doesn't seem too worried about the future, probably expecting to receive offers to continue his career. Much remains uncertain, and a lot has happened in a short period of time. Briscoe will have to carefully consider the offers that come his way.

“Never thought it would happen. Yeah, have no idea what I’m doing going forward. It’s going to be interesting time these next couple weeks just trying to find what’s available out there. And hopefully can land on my feet and continue to race in the Cup Series. So yeah, appreciate all the support, all the love. And yeah, we’ll see what happens going forward. Appreciate it, guys.”- Briscoe said, as quoted by On3.

Chase Briscoe
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Chase Briscoe's career

Briscoe became known for his performances in NASCAR, especially in the Xfinity Series. Before joining the Stewart-Haas Racing team, Briscoe was part of Ford's young driver development program. His impressive driving skills and results caught the attention of the Stewart-Haas Racing team, which gave him the opportunity to compete in NASCAR.

Joining the Stewart-Haas Racing team proved to be a great decision for him. He achieved several notable results and excelled in the Xfinity Series championship. Chase Briscoe secured his inaugural Cup Series victory in 2022 at Phoenix Raceway

His impressive performances caught the attention of everyone, especially fans who have been following his races week after week. Briscoe's dedication and focus are the reasons why the team's leaders noticed him and gave him a real opportunity. Interestingly, before becoming a professional driver, Chase worked as a mechanic on his father's race cars. His love for racing and NASCAR is why he became such a great driver.

Speculations about his future have already begun, linking him to some of the teams where he could continue his career. As we've already mentioned, Briscoe will need to carefully analyze the options available to him and make the best decision for himself.