Joey Logano on the Moment that Brought Him to Tears After the All-Star Race

Joey Logano was the winner of the NASCAR All-Star Race

by Sead Dedovic
Joey Logano on the Moment that Brought Him to Tears After the All-Star Race
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Joey Logano knew how to celebrate his victory at the NASCAR All-Star Race. This great driver managed to clinch the win among big names, just like himself. While appearing on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, Logano talked about his father and son being present to celebrate the victory with him. 

Logano placed special emphasis on his father and son who were at the race, happy to have them be part of it all with him. He was particularly pleased that his son had the opportunity to see his father achieve victory. Logano hadn't won a NASCAR race in a long time, precisely a year, and now he has fulfilled everyone's expectations.

“It’s the coolest moment to see them running at you sitting there after we won. You feel like you’re letting your son down."- Logano said, as quoted by On3

To see your son running into your arms, happy that you've achieved victory, is surely every driver's dream, including Logano's.

“To see him running at you, that was a tearjerker moment for me for sure."- he continued.

Joey Logano, driver of the #22 Shell Pennzoil Ford, and son, Hudson Logano pose with the winner sticker in victory lane after wi
Joey Logano, driver of the #22 Shell Pennzoil Ford, and son, Hudson Logano pose with the winner sticker in victory lane after wi© Sean Gardner/Getty Images Sport

The 34-year-old placed his son in the passenger's seat after the race but soon realized that his son needed to inspect everything from the beginning to the end of the car. His son was interested in what was in the car.

Logano expressed his pride in the race team during his post-race press conference. He highlighted the team's efforts throughout the weekend, including improvements made during testing and tire management. He compared his experience to a scene from the movie "Miracle," where the coach pushes the team through grueling drills, with his crew chief, Paul Wolfe, playing a similar role during testing. Logano endured over 800 laps in two days, resulting in fatigue due to the intensity of the training and warm weather conditions.

Logano is proud of his team and the effort they put in to secure the victory. Additionally, he noted that the track was somewhat different, and he didn't expect things to look exactly as they did. He emphasized that the track was much wider than anticipated. Despite this, race officials did an excellent job, which facilitated his win. 

Logano once again affirmed his abilities, silencing critics who had faulted him for not finding himself on the podium as a winner for quite some time. The 34-year-old isn't overly concerned about such criticisms, firmly believing in his abilities

“But proud of the team for working through that day, those two days, and then when we came here for practice, the track was honestly quite a bit different. I didn’t think the track would be as wide as it was, or I thought it was going to be a single groove racetrack just like most repaves, but they did a fantastic job building this racetrack to where it’s really racy right off the bat.”- he continued.

Joey Logano on Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kyle Busch's conflict

Joey Logano reflected on the conflict during and after the race between Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kyle Busch, which continues to provoke differing opinions. While some believe Busch acted correctly, many think that Stenhouse Jr. was the one who did the right thing. Regardless of whom you support, there are some issues within NASCAR that need to be addressed. Joey Logano also spoke about this.

He discussed the need for clearer guidelines, referencing instances like Denny Hamlin's restart jump at Richmond. Logano emphasized the importance of understanding the consequences of decisions and called for consistent enforcement of rules across all situations. He acknowledged the complexity of making judgment calls but stressed the importance of striving for uniformity in NASCAR's decisions.

The intentions of NASCAR officials are to minimize such scenes in the future, considering that nobody wants to witness potentially tragic outcomes or conflicts leading to serious injuries. Another reason is that such conflicts tarnish the overall impression of the race and spoil things for everyone. The question is how NASCAR officials will act in the future, but the goal is to penalize those who exceed every level of tolerance. 

The upcoming races will be a chance to see how drivers will compete, given the increasing number of aggressive drivers who spare no means to reach the finish line. Logano isn't happy with such behavior, but he also emphasizes that rules must be respected and individuals must be appropriately punished.

Starting from June 2nd, we will have the opportunity to watch The Enjoy Illinois 300 at World Wide Technology Raceway. It's challenging to make accurate predictions about who can truly emerge as the winner in this race, given the unpredictability of NASCAR lately. There are several names that fans are considering as having the best chances, but we will find out everything in a few days.

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