Denny Hamlin Asserts Confidence in Winning NASCAR Cup Series Title This Season

“I feel pretty strong about our chances, for sure."

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin Asserts Confidence in Winning NASCAR Cup Series Title This Season
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Denny Hamlin has been waiting for his first NASCAR Cup Series title for seasons now. Despite being great for years, NASCAR fans criticize him for never winning the championship. This adds extra pressure on this excellent NASCAR driver, who hopes to turn things around this season. 

Dealing with criticisms, especially of this nature, is indeed challenging. However, the 43-year-old driver is someone who has matured over the years and surely knows how to handle such things. 

Hamlin spoke to Pockrass about his ambitions for this season and highlighted what he expects from his team going forward. The 43-year-old is confident that his team has the potential to win the championship this season, although it's a huge challenge.

“I feel pretty strong about our chances, for sure. Certainly, it is a little different when you get put under the gun like that, for sure. But you know, until I feel differently, then I’ll let you know.”-Hamlin told Pockrass.

Denny has been particularly impressive this season, showcasing his qualities race after race. However, the season is long, and it's necessary for him to maintain his rhythm throughout the entire season. Already this week, he'll have the chance to change things, with the Coca-Cola 600 as the first challenge. He has immense experience on this track, which is one of the reasons for optimism that he can achieve victory.

Denny Hamlin
Denny Hamlin© Sean Gardner/Getty Images Sport

Hamlin had a shoulder injury and underwent shoulder surgery to be fully prepared for the upcoming challenge. Although some expected a longer recovery time, Hamlin looks quite okay. The "Actions Detrimental" podcast provided an opportunity for Hamlin to give an update on his injury. 

The 43-year-old points out that the surgery has left consequences, but more on the back than any other part of the body. Hamlin emphasizes that racing with such an injury is challenging and faces significant issues. However, his spirit has always been optimistic, and he has no intention of changing that mindset moving forward.

“It takes its toll a lot. And for me, physically now, it’s more on my back, more than anything. Just kind of riding in that position that I’m riding in in the seat and taking bumps and stuff and with us being on our shock limiters all the time it makes it pretty tough. But it just takes me about a day or two to recover and then I’m ready to go again.”-Hamlin said.

Hamlin provided an update on his shoulder, stating that it's been good and hasn't been much of an issue for him since Dover. He feels like he's turned a corner and is back to normal activities like playing pickleball. He reassured that he's doing well. 

His excellent results are probably the best indicator that everything is alright with his shoulder. Hamlin hopes that the situation will remain the same moving forward. The most important thing for him is to be 100% ready. That's the first step towards success.

Denny Hamlin's performances

Watching his performances this season, many can't help but feel that Hamlin has a great chance to win the NASCAR Cup Series this season. Already with three wins this season and several outstanding performances, it's a great prelude to what many have been wanting to see for years. 

The 43-year-old was excellent in the recent NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race, finishing second. 

Previously, Hamlin secured a 4th place in the NASCAR Cup Series at Darlington. 

Kansas also showcased his qualities, as Hamlin finished fifth. 

His first win this season occurred in Bristol. After that, Hamlin was impressive at Richmond, securing his second win. Finally, his third win this season was in Dover.

We'll see how many more wins Hamlin can achieve in the rest of the season. It will be necessary for him to make several more exceptional results if he wants to be at the top at the end of the season. We'll see if he can "break the curse" and silence the critics.

Last month, Denny Hamlin responded to social media posts, which have been coming for a while now, emphasizing that Hamlin must win the NASCAR Cup Series if he wants to be inscribed in the history of this sport. Denny showed confidence, believing that he has the qualities to win the championship, considering that many worse drivers than him have won championships.

"Listen, I know that I’m a championship-caliber driver. I’ll just say it. I think there’s been worse drivers win a championship than me. I just feel that way just because of things that have worked out."- he said. 

Denny believes that there is a huge difference between ten years ago and now, confirming that his ambitions are to win every week.

Denny Hamlin