Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Debates Whether to Reach Out to Kyle Busch Before Coca-Cola 600

Stenhouse Jr. revealed in an interview for NASCAR Race Hub how he will respond in the upcoming Coca-Cola 600 race

by Sead Dedovic
Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Debates Whether to Reach Out to Kyle Busch Before Coca-Cola 600
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Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kyle Busch are still a hot topic in the NASCAR scene, several days after their conflict. While some expected the tensions to simmer down, it seems that the two still have each other in their sights. Many are already speculating on what could happen in the next race and whether either of them will react similarly to the All-Star race. 

Stenhouse Jr. revealed in an interview for NASCAR Race Hub how he will respond in the upcoming Coca-Cola 600 race. The 36-year-old admitted that he has no plans to speak with Busch again or meet with him. Stenhouse Jr. still believes that Kyle acted on purpose, stressing that he crossed the line.

“I have not. I don’t plan on going out of my way to reach out to him. Where I stand, I feel like he still crashed with me on purpose, and I think that that’s way over the line.”- Stenhouse Jr. said, as quoted by On3.

Stenhouse emphasized that he has immense respect for Busch and the accomplishments in his career. Kyle has been a dominant figure in the NASCAR scene for years, with a wealth of experience behind him. Stenhouse is aware of his qualities, given that he has been in this sport since childhood. He still desires to compete with Busch in the future, emphasizing his tremendous respect for him. However, the recent situation seems to have somewhat altered his perspective on Busch. Stenhouse did not expect Busch to react in such a way.

“For me, I got a lot of respect for Kyle and what he’s done on the race track. Obviously, he’s accomplished 10 times more in his career than I could ever think about, really, at this moment. We’ve had great battles throughout the years, and look forward to battling more. I lost a lot of respect in that situation, the way he handled it. But still got a lot of respect for what he can do behind the wheel."

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Stenhouse is aware that the two of them could find themselves on tracks close to each other, but he has no intention of changing his stance when it comes to Busch, emphasizing that he won't be the one to initiate the conversation and resolve the issue. Stenhouse probably expects an apology from Busch.

“And knowing that we’re gonna go out there and race hard at the 600, and we’ll end up around each other at some point, I’m sure. But no, I’m not gonna go out of my way [to talk to him].”- he continued.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. reacts to Richard Childress' statements

Richard Childress amused many the other day by sending a message to Stenhouse. The popular Childress stated that he would give Stenhouse a ***-beating if he fulfills the promise and wrecks Busch in the next race. The 36-year-old laughed at Childress's remarks, whom he knows quite well.

Stenhouse explained that he had a conversation with Richard. He acknowledged seeing Richard's comments and found them amusing. Stenhouse clarified that he called Richard in the morning to reiterate what he had told Randall, expressing that he still holds respect for their organization and Richard's contributions.  

He admitted that in the heat of the moment, he had told Kyle he would wreck him in Charlotte. However, on LaJoie's podcast, he mentioned that he wouldn't do that. It took some time for passions to calm down and for him to start looking at the whole situation with a cool head.

Stenhouse shared that he and Richard had a laugh about it. Richard jokingly advised Stenhouse to do whatever he wants with Kyle but not to wreck his race car, to which Stenhouse agreed.

Despite everything that has happened, many expect this duo to resolve their issues and find common ground. Stenhouse Jr., much like Busch, is not ready for reconciliation at this moment, but we'll see what time will show and whether things will change.

The next race could bring several excitements. The biggest attention will be focused on these two and the potential for a new conflict to arise. It's likely that both will enter the next race with calm heads, aware that a similar incident could result in significant consequences for them. Following the last race, Stenhouse was fined $75,000 for the incident that occurred.

Both are experienced drivers, especially Busch, and they really don't need to deepen this conflict. The imperative for them should be to progress and improve their current form. Neither Ricky nor Kyle have impressed this season. The next race is an opportunity for something entirely different.

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