Kevin Harvick Reveals Which Side He Takes in Stenhouse Jr. vs. Busch Conflict

Harvick's opinion is respected by many given his experience in the NASCAR scene

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin Harvick Reveals Which Side He Takes in Stenhouse Jr. vs. Busch Conflict
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After the latest showdown and clash between Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kyle Busch, many well-known NASCAR drivers have shared their opinions, analyzing who is the main culprit in the whole story. While some believe that Stenhouse Jr. is primarily to blame, several others think that Kyle Busch did not behave correctly in the recent All-Star Race.

Kevin Harvick, as an experienced figure in the NASCAR scene, shared his opinion through his Harvick's Happy Hour podcast, suggesting that Stenhouse Jr. should not be held accountable in this case. Harvick, reflecting on the incident in the last race, emphasized that he cannot understand why Kyle Busch is angry.

"It sounds to me that there were a lot of things that were coming to a head at this particular point. I don’t think this is the first incident. Like, there’s no way that this is the first instance, that this all happened. When I go back and watch the video, I honestly have no idea what Kyle Busch is mad at,” Harvick said, as quoted by On3.

Harvick continued to elaborate on his opinion, believing that Ricky had enough space to advance. After that, there was a wreck between Stenhouse Jr. and Busch. However, what particularly struck Harvick was Busch's reaction, who wasn't pleased with Stenhouse Jr.'s move.

“They came up off of Turn 2. Kyle, I mean — Ricky drove through a hole big enough to drive a bus through. Put them three-wide. Kyle bounced off the fence, and bounced into Ricky, and they made contact, but here, you could see that Kyle lost his mind, and was angry, and drove into Turn 1 and Turn 2 right here and was not letting off until he wrecked him. So I think there’s a lot of things here."- he continued.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
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Harvick stresses there might be something between Ricky and Kyle, likely suggesting their relationship hasn't been okay for a while. Harvick thinks there's something about Busch that particularly frustrates Stenhouse Jr. He continued to explain his opinion, believing that Busch didn't like the position Ricky put him in. This former NASCAR driver thinks there must be a reason, emphasizing that Stenhouse Jr. might have put Busch in a similar position before.

Harvick suggests that Busch's frustration stems from his dissatisfaction with his consistent performance on the track, which may have influenced his decision to collide with Stenhouse Jr. during Lap 2. 

Busch is not shining this season and is far from his true form. The 39-year-old NASCAR driver is struggling to find his pace or showcase the brilliant performances we once had the chance to see from him. Busch is aware that this season has been disappointing for him, but it seems he wants to improve things as soon as possible. This race could potentially be an indicator of his frustrations and dissatisfaction. This opinion is shared by Harvick, as well as several other well-known figures in the NASCAR world.

Additionally, Harvick believes that Busch's overall frustration with his current situation, both on and off the track, may have contributed to his actions. He notes that the All-Star Race provided an opportunity for both Stenhouse Jr. and Busch to address any issues between them.

Kevin Harvick on potential trigger to Kyle Busch's reaction

Harvick stress that Stenhouse Jr.'s move could have been the trigger and catalyst for frustrations that have accumulated in Busch throughout this season. It seems like Kyle has been gathering anger and frustration for several races now, and dissatisfied with the actions of his colleagues, he decided to react strongly. Harvick thinks that Busch is not happy at this moment, aware that things are not going ideally for him. Harvick, like most, hopes that this will be the end of it, and that these two great drivers will resolve their issues. Additional conflicts on and off the track are not what we want to see going forward.

Kyle Busch
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According to statements from Stenhouse Jr. in one of the podcasts, he emphasized that he has no intention of retaliating against Busch in the same manner, considering it best for things to end here. Although he initially had a furious attitude and admitted to intending to retaliate, now that emotions have calmed, this NASCAR driver acknowledged that he will not do the same things.

Many well-known faces in the NASCAR scene were surprised by the events at the All-Star race, but they are aware that NASCAR races often bring such outcomes, considering that the desire and motivation for victory outweigh everything else.

It will be interesting to follow the races throughout the rest of the season and see what fate and future await this duo. Whether we will witness their clash again remains to be seen.

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