Richard Childress Warns Stenhouse: 'Rough *-Beating' If Busch Wrecked at Charlotte

“I would’ve jumped right in the middle of it. I don’t fight as fair as I used to."- Childress said.

by Sead Dedovic
Richard Childress Warns Stenhouse: 'Rough *-Beating' If Busch Wrecked at Charlotte
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Kyle Busch and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. conflict is still a current topic in the NASCAR scene, with many questioning whether this duo had to act the way they did. Two brilliant drivers had a physical altercation after a wreck that occurred at the All-Star Race fight. 

Richard Childress, a popular figure in the world of NASCAR, reacted to the altercation between these two and shared his opinion on the whole situation. Childress emphasized that he would intervene between them, even though he doesn't throw punches like he used to. Stenhouse's statements, in which he emphasized that he would wreck Busch in the race, seem to have particularly angered Richard Childress.

“I would’ve jumped right in the middle of it. I don’t fight as fair as I used to. I’m a little older. Ricky Stenhouse said that he was going to wreck the 8 car at Charlotte. Well, when I see him, I’m gonna tell him if he does, I’m older, but I’ve just changed my style of fighting. He’ll carry a rough ***-beating.”- Childress said, as reported by On3.

Richard Childress, the owner of the eponymous team in NASCAR, is not happy that Stenhouse Jr. is showing such an attitude towards his driver. He has always been someone who stood up for his drivers, ready to defend both their interests and the team's.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. said to the experienced NASCAR driver after the fight that he would wreck him at Charlotte. Busch said that Ricky can do whatever he wants, not caring about it. 

However, when the passions cooled down, the 36-year-old driver confirmed that he has no intention of doing such a thing. He believes that if he had such intentions, it would have the opposite effect and create even bigger problems for everyone, especially for him. His intentions are to forget everything that happened during the All-Star Race, focusing on challenges and positive results in the future.

Denny Hamlin reacted

Stenhouse isn't the only one who reacted to this conflict, as many other well-known figures from the NASCAR scene have also decided to do the same. Denny Hamlin reacted to the conflict between Stenhouse Jr. and Busch via his Actions Detrimental podcast. Hamlin was surprised, especially by the messages Stenhouse wrote in a group where several NASCAR drivers are, emphasizing that he would wait for Busch after the race and settle the score with him. 

Denny Hamlin
Denny Hamlin© James Gilbert/Getty Images Sport

Hamlin was in the race at that time, but he found it strange why Stenhouse immediately used his phone and sent such messages. Hamlin also shared his opinion, primarily emphasizing that he has no intention of taking anyone's side, but still considers Stenhouse Jr. a potential culprit in the whole story.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. reacts

The Stacking Pennies podcast was an opportunity for Stenhouse to tell his side of the story. Although he isn't proud of the events during and after the race, Stenhouse is aware that such races bring special excitement and sparks. The 37-year-old driver confirmed that he spoke with Busch's team after finishing the race. He asked Busch's team to send him a message via radio to wait for him after the race.

Stenhouse reflected on the second lap, completely open and ready to criticize Busch. He explained how everything looked after Busch passed him. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. parked the car, ready to engage in a physical altercation with Busch, which ultimately happened.

“We passed him. We left the middle open there. Short race, you’re trying to get all you get. We passed him, and I guess [Busch] was mad. Parked my car in the pit box. I figured he would do something like that. Maybe Richard [Childress] will hold my watch after the race.”-Stenhouse said.

Stenhouse explained that he talked to Busch quite a bit. He expressed confusion about why Busch was so angry, considering that Stenhouse went three wide but Busch hit the fence, came off the wall, and ran into him. During their conversation, Busch kept insisting that Stenhouse wrecked him.

Many share their opinions when it comes to their altercation. While some believe that Busch is the main culprit for everything that happened, there are many who think that Stenhouse Jr. is the main culprit in this story. Whoever is to blame in the whole case, it is hoped that there will be fewer scenes like this in the future. Both are quality drivers who need to raise their form in the upcoming races and try to make things right.

Kyle Busch emphasized that in the upcoming races, he intends to turn things in his favor and try to correct the mistakes he made since the beginning of the season.