Kyle Larson Opens Up About Darlington Wreck After Kansas Triumph

Kyle Larson is the best example of how things rapidly change in the NASCAR scene

by Sead Dedovic
Kyle Larson Opens Up About Darlington Wreck After Kansas Triumph
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Kyle Larson didn't manage to give his best at Darlington Raceway. Although he entered this race with huge ambitions, ultimately he had to be disappointed as he got into a wreck during the final stage. Larson explained in a media interview why the wreck occurred. He intended to be really wide away from William Byron. In the end, that's what cost him.

“I was struggling. I got really loose at the end of that long run and William [Byron] caught me. …I just kind of hung out there. I was trying to be really wide away from him and I just stayed wide too long and I got hung in the marbles and hit the wall.”- Kyle Larson said, as quoted by On3!

Larson admitted that he had shredded tires, which affected the spin into Turn 3. Kyle admitted that it was his mistake, and that he was not really trying hard at all. The 31-year-old emphasized that he was frustrated with himself, although he had a good car. He felt that things were going great until one mistake cost them.

Kyle Larson is the best example of how things rapidly change in the NASCAR scene. While he was brilliant in the last race and achieved a victory in a photo finish that we'll hardly have the chance to see again, Larson disappointed this time. The victory he achieved in Kansas last season is one that will be talked about for seasons ahead of us. 

It seems that no race has provoked so many reactions and controversies, considering the skepticism of individuals about whether Larson is truly the rightful winner. The 31-year-old has no intention of paying attention to such comments, considering the Kansas race wild. Although Kyle didn't have huge expectations, things turned out phenomenal for them.

Kyle Larson wins at Kansas
Kyle Larson wins at Kansas© Sean Gardner/Getty Images Sport

Larson expressed his gratitude for the timely caution during the recent race. He mentioned that despite facing significant challenges with his car's performance, he managed to secure a victory. Larson strategically chose to take the bottom line and attempt to run through traffic. 

His car handled well, allowing him to gain momentum and make crucial passes. He described the intense moments of the race, particularly when he committed to a risky move on the outside line. Larson acknowledged the unpredictability of the situation but remained focused on maximizing his performance and taking opportunities to advance his position.

Kyle, along with many of his colleagues, considers this race to be one of the best. Not only was the finish of this race exciting and captivating, but the beginning of the race also brought excitement. Larson believes that the first stage was particularly incredible, but the last stage with everything that happened was something rarely seen. 

Achieving such a victory is certainly a huge boost and motivation for what lies ahead. Larson wanted to capitalize on the momentum and continue his ideal form, but the last race didn't offer him what he expected. However, we have no doubt that Larson will quickly recover from Darlington, ready to be at the top in the next race.

Brad Keselowski won the Darlington race

The winner of the race at Darlington was Brad Keselowski, a man who had been waiting for this moment for a long time. His patience paid off, and after 110 races without a victory, Keselowski finally achieved his goal. This victory lifted a weight off his shoulders, making things much easier for him going forward. 

Keselowski, in a conversation with the media, emphasized that this is a special track for him, filled with fond memories. In addition, Brad reflected on the battle with his teammate, considering it a great moment. He didn't forget to thank everyone who has been with him from the beginning, believing that without the support of loved ones, such success would have been impossible.

“What a heck of a day. It’s Darlington, so whether it’s your first win or your last win, this is a really special track,” said Keselowski

“The history of NASCAR, it’s as tough as it gets, and that battle at the end with my teammate [and] Tyler Reddick, we just laid it all out on the line, it was freaking awesome.

I thought it couldn’t get much better than Kansas. It did today. That was awesome. I’m so glad you guys got to see that. That was incredible. Thanks for being here.”

The continuation of the season could bring a lot of excitement, given the unpredictability of the NASCAR Cup Series. It seems that the most challenging task is to determine who will emerge as the winner of the next race. There are many names that stand out as favorites, but the question is whether any of them will actually end up on the podium.

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