Chris Buescher Reacts After Incredible Defeat in Kansas by 0.001 Seconds

Chris Buescher emphasized the importance of not just having speed but also achieving wins in races

by Sead Dedovic
Chris Buescher Reacts After Incredible Defeat in Kansas by 0.001 Seconds
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Although it seemed like Chris Buescher would secure the victory in the last race in Kansas, he was ultimately defeated by an incredible 0.001 seconds by Kyle Larson in an unbelievable finish. Losing in such a manner is tough for any driver, including Buescher, who was left speechless after the race. Chris was so close to victory, but unfortunately, he didn't succeed in his intention.

“I don’t know what to say right now. I haven’t seen the replay other than just a picture. I sure can’t see it in that picture. That just sucks to be that close.”-Buescher said, as reported by FOX as quoted by On3.

Chris Buescher reflected on the race, expressing his disappointment at the close defeat. He acknowledged the strength of his performance and the speed of his CASTROL Edge Ford Mustang throughout the day, highlighting the team's need for a win. 

The 31-year-old RFK Racing driver has shown in many races this season that he has the potential for great things, but sometimes luck is necessary, especially in moments like these.

Despite feeling like they had a chance at victory, Buescher recognized that they fell just short. He credited the team's strategy for getting them into contention and admitted to leaving a bit too much room, eventually costing them the win. General, Buescher described it as a hard-fought race that ended in disappointment.

Chris Buescher emphasized the importance of not just having speed but also achieving wins in races. He expressed the desire to find himself in winning situations more frequently, stressing the importance of trophies and checkered flags in improving their position overall.

This race will be very important for him, considering that he will now advance in the NASCAR Cup Series standings. This 31-year-old has shown quality in many races this season, finishing twice in the top 5 this season.

On the other hand, Kyle Larson is fortunate to find himself in such a situation, aware that such occurrences happen once in a hundred years. Kyle Larson described how things looked from his perspective. It was challenging and difficult, but achieving such a victory is surely a reason for happiness.

Kyle Larson explained the intense battle for the win with Buescher during overtime. He described how he managed to get into Buescher's draft and anticipated Buescher's attempt to block his line. Larson pushed his car to its limits, maneuvering to the right side of Buescher's car despite a moment of sideways movement. 

He then made a decisive move to the left to disrupt Buescher's momentum, ensuring he had enough speed to secure the win at the finish line. Larson expressed his gratitude that his strategy paid off and reflected on the thrilling nature of the race from his perspective.

Kyle Larson is unlikely to have a race like this again. He expressed gratitude despite their initial difficulties. Ultimately, things turned out perfectly for Larson, with hopes that he can replicate such performances in the future. Larson has no intention of giving up on his ambitions for the rest of the season. When you achieve such a victory, it's certain that paths for great successes open up for you.

“That was wild,” said Larson. 

“I was obviously thankful for that caution. We were dying pretty bad. Was happy to come out third (off pit road), and figured my best shot was to choose the bottom and try and split three-wide to the inside."

Kyle Larson wins at Kansas
Kyle Larson wins at Kansas© Sean Gardner/Getty Images Sport

Buescher’s crew chief, Scott Graves reacts

Buescher’s crew chief, Scott Graves, reacted to Larson's victory by accepting the outcome. Graves mentioned that while seeing the picture of the finish doesn't make the loss any easier to accept, it's essential to question and understand the situation fully. Despite the disappointment, Graves and the team accepted the decision and aimed to learn from the experience.

Graves explained that the team displayed a visual representation generated through laser technology. They were curious if this depiction relied on a painted line for accuracy. However, Graves clarified that this wasn't the case; instead, the system utilized a highly precise photosystem for its accuracy.

Such moments are rare in NASCAR history, and it's unlikely that the same scenario will occur again in the near future. NASCAR has once again brought excitement to fans and everyone else, so it's expected that the same will be true in the upcoming races.

Fans are optimistic about what lies ahead, with interesting races coming up in the next few weeks that could give us a closer look at who will compete for the top spot. Many quality teams and drivers are waiting for their chance, hoping to finish at the very top.