Understanding Joey Gase's Anger: Denny Hamlin's Analysis of Xfinity Series Incident

Denny Hamlin was particularly impressed by Gase's action of ripping off the damaged bumper

by Sead Dedovic
Understanding Joey Gase's Anger: Denny Hamlin's Analysis of Xfinity Series Incident
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The incident between Joey Gase and Dawson Cram is a hot topic in the NASCAR community. Joey Gase, frustrated by Dawson Cram's behavior during the race, decided to rip off his busted bumper and throw it at Cram's car. Many were surprised by Gase's reaction but understood his frustrations, considering that Cram ruined his plans for the race. NASCAR is expected to react and penalize Gase, while some support the driver's character, believing he acted in the right manner. 

NASCAR legend Denny Hamlin addressed the situation between Gase and Cram during an episode of his podcast, "Actions Detrimental." 

Hamlin began by acknowledging that Joey's reaction may have been expected, given that Cram ran into the back of his car. The NASCAR veteran is aware of how much teams invest in their cars and how challenging it is to compete week after week, hoping for great results. In moments when someone tries to ruin or does ruin what you've built, frustration is an expected reaction.

“So at the end of the race, we had a tiff. At the end of the race. Towards the end of the race. We had, Dawson Cram ran in the back of Joey Gase, and apparently, Joey, who is a car owner, as well. He gave Dawson Cram his very first start, apparently, in the Xfinity Series. And so, Joey was very upset, obviously, and so he crashed his car pretty heavily. And you have to understand that the reason Joey’s really upset is that, you know, these guys, I mean, they work on their own cars. They face, they scrounge to get to the racetrack, every single week. It’s very, very difficult. You know, they’re just trying to make a very modest living, to say the least, you know, by getting to the racetrack every week. You know, he mentioned the financial implications. He thought that that was like a 60 grand wreck for him. That’s probably, I would say that’s probably somewhat true. You know, that car is probably destroyed."- Hamlin said, as quoted by On3!

Hamlin stressed that Gase's frustration was fueled by the extensive expenses and labor needed to fix the car, such as acquiring a new chassis, fuel cell, shocks, and rear-end housing. He underscored the unique situation Gase faced as both a driver and team owner, emphasizing how this dual role exaggerated his irritation. Unlike in the Cup Series, where drivers might not feel the financial consequences of accidents as keenly, Hamlin emphasized that Gase felt doubly burdened. In Hamlin's view, this context sheds light on why Gase responded by throwing his damaged bumper at Cram's car.

Denny Hamlin
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Hamlin found the incident involving Joey Gase's reaction to be noteworthy for the Xfinity Series. He was particularly impressed by Gase's ability to rip off the damaged bumper and throw it at Dawson Cram's car. Hamlin likened the moment to seeing Gase walking with the detached bumper, which immediately caught his attention. He noted Gase's confidence in executing the action, describing it as a bold move during the race.

Denny Hamlin on Joey Gase's action

Denny Hamlin was particularly impressed by Gase's action of ripping off the damaged bumper and throwing it at Dawson Cram's vehicle. Recalling the scene, Hamlin compared the hanging bumper to his daughter's loose tooth, emphasizing how Gase confidently tore it off and walked with it, catching attention. Hamlin anticipated Gase's intention to throw it, acknowledging his skill in executing the action during the race. 

Judging by the reactions on social media, few expected Gase to react in that manner, aware that he could feel the consequences of his actions. However, in such moments, it is difficult to react rationally, and generally, most people have impulsive reactions. Staying calm is a challenge when competing, even for the most experienced.

Regarding the outcome, Hamlin stated that Gase's throw caused some damage to Dawson's car, mainly on the right side near the windshield. While it would have been impressive if the bumper made its way inside the car, Hamlin stressed the difficulty of such a doing, especially while walking and approaching another car under caution. Despite this, he believed Gase did the best he could in the circumstances.

In a few days, we will find out what penalty awaits Gase and what consequences he will face. Surely, this 30-year-old cannot be happy with the outcome of the last race, but it will be an important lesson for him for the future and a chance to be more careful. Joey Gase is a quality driver who, unfortunately, was not lucky this time.

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