Denny Hamlin On Most Intense Disagreement with Joe Gibbs

Hamlin described moments when tensions ran high during competition meetings, especially regarding pit crew performance

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin On Most Intense Disagreement with Joe Gibbs
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Denny Hamlin's career has been filled with various moments, some famous and some less so. Throughout his long career, Hamlin has faced many challenges. His career has been marked by various conflicts, both on and off the track. During an appearance on 'Harvick's Happy Hour', Hamlin reflected on his team owner, Joe Gibbs, and the biggest disagreement he had with him. Denny confirmed that he has had many conflicts with Gibbs throughout his career and had trouble remembering the biggest one.

“Oh, man, I mean, there’s been a lot of times he’s been really ticked off at me. The lip starts quivering. But, I’m trying to remember one in particular, but I know that we’ve had some knockdown, drag-outs over some pit crew stuff at times. Where, you know, in that room of the competition meeting, it’ll get pretty critical."- Hamlin said, as quoted by On3.

Denny Hamlin on his relationship with Joe Gibbs and the role he plays in mentoring Ty Gibbs

Hamlin described moments when tensions ran high during competition meetings, especially regarding pit crew performance. He mentioned examples where Gibbs defended his crew sharply, as he witnessed their hard work during pitstop practices. Despite the disagreements, Hamlin emphasized Gibbs' dedication to his team and his commitment to supporting them.

Denny Hamlin reflects on his relationship with Joe Gibbs and the role he plays in mentoring Ty Gibbs, Joe's grandson and a rising star in NASCAR. Despite their long-standing partnership, Hamlin stresses that their dynamic continues to evolve. He emphasizes the importance of his role as a mentor to Ty, highlighting their close relationship and shared experiences on and off the track.

Ty Gibbs
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Hamlin recognizes the importance of Ty's success to Joe Gibbs Racing and understands the responsibility that comes with guiding a young driver like Ty through the complexities of professional racing. He takes his role as a mentor seriously, considering the challenges the Gibbs family has faced and the legacy they aim to keep in NASCAR. Hamlin's commitment to helping Ty succeed reflects his dedication to the sport and his desire to contribute to its future by encouraging rising talent.

Denny Hamlin has a great relationship with the Gibbs family, knowing they have been a huge support for him since day one of his career. They recognized his talent and qualities and decided that Hamlin was the right person for the future of this team. Denny pointed out that upon coming to this team, he had to start from 0, hoping that this team would show him trust. For him, it is crucial that Gibbs showed faith in him and stayed by his side even when things were not ideal. 

Denny Hamlin: Gibbs was my at-track family

The career of every NASCAR driver is marked by sometimes great performances, but often by bad ones. In those moments, without the support of the key people on the team, it is difficult to expect that you will 'return to life' and give your best. Hamlin considers Gibbs to be his second family.

“It’s my job to give back to the Gibbs family, because they’ve been so good to me over the course of my career. They’re the ones that took a chance on me. I mean, I had nothing when I came in and signed with Joe Gibbs Racing. They believed in me and my ability, and they stuck it out with me when things weren’t all that great at times. So it’s a family. I always thought that while my dad never really traveled that much anymore, Gibbs was my at-track family. And if I can be that for Ty in any of the other Gibbs families, and then that’d be great.”- Hamlin continued.

Joe Gibbs Racing leaders are hopeful that Denny Hamlin can finally bring happiness to the entire team as well as himself by winning the championship. Despite being a driver who has achieved huge success on NASCAR tracks, with a lot of victories, what has eluded him in his career is winning the championship. The experienced NASCAR driver has started this season furiously, indicating that he could be the main contender for the championship. This would truly be a great story and an opportunity for Hamlin to silence his critics and those who doubt him.

Judging by his statements, it can be felt that Hamlin has never been so optimistic about lifting the trophy. The NASCAR driver believes that this year could be the opportunity for him to achieve his goal he has had for years. We will see if Denny can indeed succeed in that.

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