Alex Bowman Remains Confident in His Future Amid Speculations

“Mr. Hendrick and [primary sponsor] Ally have made it super clear that they have faith in me."

by Sead Dedovic
Alex Bowman Remains Confident in His Future Amid Speculations
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Alex Bowman is someone who isn't too worried about his future, as he believes in himself and his abilities. Although there's increasing talk about Bowman potentially leaving this team in the shadow of other drivers, it's uncertain if that will happen. This 30-year-old driver believes that the leaders of Hendrick Motorsports have huge faith in him. He emphasizes that some people don't see the full picture of how motivated and hard-working he is.

Bowman answered a reporter's question about whether he feels afraid that he will lose his place on the team;

“No, definitely not,” Bowman said, as quoted by RACER 

“Mr. Hendrick and [primary sponsor] Ally have made it super clear that they have faith in me.

I don’t think the outside sometimes sees the whole picture of everything that’s going on. We’ve fought a lot of different things, and I think we’re all doing everything we can to get better.”

Although often challenged and criticized, Bowman has shown in many races this season that he truly has the potential for great things. The Daytona 500 was particularly successful for him, finishing as P2. He has also shown excellent form in other races. 

Blake Harris: I think it’ll be fine, and we can get on a roll

Bowman has a great relationship with his crew chief, Blake Harris. Working with him is what Bowman wants in the future as well. Harris shares the same opinion. Although things haven't gone perfectly, Harris stresses that much can change in the near future. Hendrick Motorsports is a team with always the highest ambitions, and sometimes it's challenging to meet such expectations.

“I love working with him. No, it hasn’t gone the way we’ve wanted, but we’ve had opportunities to win races. We might not be where we want to be every week, but we’ve had plenty of times we’ve been in the mix, and things just haven’t fallen our way. When it does click and it does go our way, I think it’ll be fine, and we can get on a roll.”- Harris said.

Harris expressed frustration regarding the inconsistent performance of the No. 48 team. He desires to achieve pole positions and win every race but points out that they haven't been able to accomplish that. In an atmosphere where you constantly feel pressure, it's difficult to give your best. At this moment, Bowman must focus on his mindset and show that he has the strength to return to the winning track.

Harris emphasized the importance of continuous growth and execution within the team, urging them not to let frustration affect their performance in the following weeks. He believes that despite the challenges, they have the capability to succeed. 

Bowman mentioned that they're working hard to return to their desired level of performance, noting the evident potential within the team. He highlighted the effective collaboration between himself and his crew chief, Blake, along with the support they received from the entire team. Having support from the team's leaders is crucial on the path to success. If you don't have such support, you can't expect to meet expectations.

Alex Bowman
Alex Bowman© James Gilbert/Getty Images Sport

Bowman is primarily happy that there are understanding individuals within the team who are aware of the challenges and obstacles during the race.

Alex Bowman aims to be a positive

Despite facing difficulties, Bowman remains positive, believing they have the tools needed for success and expressing confidence in their ability to turn things around. This wouldn't be the first time for this team to make a turnaround during the season.

Bowman's motivation comes from a deep desire to win and restore his team's performance to its full potential. He emphasized that his ambition to succeed is purely personal; he doesn't care much about others' opinions. The fact is, this 30-year-old driver has his own goals and ambitions, and he doesn't want to focus on criticism or other drivers. Putting himself first is the way Bowman aims to achieve success.

Winning races is about achieving his own goals and earning trophies for himself, not just because he drives for Hendrick Motorsports. Despite being frustrated with some of the results this season, he is determined to succeed and meet the expectations of both the fans and his team.

Hendrick Motorsports will have the opportunity to improve things in the upcoming race scheduled for this week. COTA is known to often provide surprises. Bowman expects this race to be a turning point in this season, aiming to achieve a great result. It will be interesting to follow this race, and we have no doubt that it will bring us an exciting factor.

Alex Bowman