Noah Gragson's Racing Style: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Compares Him to a Tenacious Fly

Dale is expressing admiration for Noah Gragson's performance, likening him to a persistent fly

by Sead Dedovic
Noah Gragson's Racing Style: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Compares Him to a Tenacious Fly
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. analyzed the performances of individuals this season on his podcast, 'The Dale Jr Download', and he was particularly impressed with Noah Gragson's performances. Although Dale had previously had the opportunity to collaborate with him, it seems he didn't expect the 25-year-old driver to make such progress. 

Joining Stewart-Haas Racing has proven to be a great decision for him. Dale emphasized that no one could have expected Noah to be so excellent. However, he knew that the opportunity that presented itself had to be seized. Despite being aware that Gragson had some struggles during this season, he has shown that he is a great driver.

“Another driver that’s been a big surprise this year, Noah Gragson. The guy was, you know, knocked out of the series entirely last year. Didn’t do anything behind the wheel of the No. 42 car that would warrant any excitement around you know, his potential future as a Cup driver. He gets a new opportunity at Stewart-Haas Racing, a team that flat struggled all last year. There’s been some struggles as well this year. There’s been some other high points, but Noah has been the shining light."- Earnhardt Jr. said, as quoted by

Dale Earnhardt Jr. discussed Noah Gragson's racing style and how it differs depending on the series he's competing in. Earnhardt stressed that Gragson has a competitive and aggressive style on the track, likening him to a basketball player who isn't afraid to elbow opponents to secure a rebound. 

Being brave and ready for anything is sometimes crucial in every sport, including NASCAR. At times, you have to show your teeth and be prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat your opponent. Gragson's passion for NASCAR and desire to be the best is something special. People with experience like Earnhardt know that well.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
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Gragson's driving style involves being assertive and not hesitating to take advantage of opportunities on the racetrack, even if it means pushing and challenging other drivers. Although aware that such things can create problems, Gragson has a special mentality and is ready to do what others would not, all to make a success.

However, Earnhardt warns that Gragson's aggressive approach might need some adjustment when transitioning to the Cup series, where the competition is tougher and more experienced. 

From year to year, we can notice how many quality drivers emerge on the NASCAR scene. It seems that the NASCAR Cup Series has never been as competitive as it is now. However, only one can ultimately take the victory. The mix of experience and youth is what makes this sport special. Gragson is a relatively young driver who still needs more experience. We can now expect progress from him day by day.

Dale Earnhardt: Gragson is like that fly that won’t leave you alone

Earnhardt cautions that while Gragson's style may work in lower series, it could lead to clashes with veteran Cup drivers who may not take kindly to being pushed around by a newcomer. Earnhardt advises Gragson to be more measured in his approach when racing against Cup drivers to avoid potential conflicts and to earn their respect as he progresses in his career.

Dale is expressing admiration for Noah Gragson's performance, likening him to a persistent fly that keeps buzzing around the top ten. Despite his aggressive racing style, Gragson manages to do so respectfully, earning respect from his competitors. 

Noah Gragson
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In many ways, he's special and stands out from others. Dale managed to notice that as well. It seems like Gragson knows how to balance between aggressiveness and respect towards his opponents. He believes that such an approach will enable him to achieve great results in the future. So far, he's doing well.

Dale notices that Gragson can bother other drivers without making them angry, which is important for getting along well during races. He thinks Gragson is becoming someone who regularly competes in the top ten positions, and he wishes that Gragson keeps doing well for the rest of the year, which would be really impressive.

Earnhardt ultimately had nothing but praise for Stewart-Haas, a team he expects big things from, and emphasized that they have made great progress. Dale also respects Tony Stewart and his desire to improve day by day. Dale isn't sure if Gragson can maintain the pace and continue at the same pace due to his lack of experience, but he expects him to achieve good results. The future will best reveal how much this 25-year-old driver can do at the moment. Such performances have caught the attention of NASCAR fans, who consider Noah a driver with enormous potential.

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