Joey Logano Disputes Nemechek's Take on the Incident

“I didn’t slow a bit. Well, you gotta lift to make the corners."

by Sead Dedovic
Joey Logano Disputes Nemechek's Take on the Incident
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Joey Logano was frustrated after being knocked out of the Shriners Children’s 500 at Phoenix. Logano believes that John Hunter Nemechek ran into the back of him. On the other hand, Nemechek has his version of the story and emphasizes he had no other options because Logano slowed down.

In those moments, he couldn't prevent what happened. Joey Logano, in a media interview, emphasized that he doesn't quite agree with Nemechek's statement. Joey believes that John overdrove the corner, leading to the wreck.

“Just got hit from behind.

Overdrove the corner behind me and uh, wrecked us. It’s a shame, we weren’t running good at all anyways but doesn’t make it any better. Fighting for lucky dogs. You get back there and everyone’s racing not real good and we were caught up in one”.

-Logano said, as quoted by

Joey Logano: I didn’t slow a bit

In an interview with FOX Sports, Joey Logano pointed out that he has not slowed down. This experienced NSACAR driver believes that Nemechek had to observe the situation rationally and make a different assessment.

Logano believes that Nemechek must take the blame on himself and realize that he made a mistake.

“I didn’t slow a bit. Well, you gotta lift to make the corners, Bob. You can’t hold it wide open around Phoenix and maybe he should take a look and realize he can’t do that too.

He drove straight in the back of me and he needs to be man enough to own up to that”.

Joey Logano will have to carefully prepare for the upcoming challenges, considering that this season hasn't been particularly successful for him as expected.

However, it's still the beginning, and much can change. The most important thing for him is to come out stronger and be optimistic that things will improve. Logano is aware that he has many challenges ahead of him.

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