Bubba Wallace Approaches 2024 NASCAR Season with New Mindset

"Get through these first two weeks – Daytona and Atlanta – they are just about survival."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Bubba Wallace Approaches 2024 NASCAR Season with New Mindset
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After he was not very satisfied with the previous season, Bubba Wallace intends to enter this season much more motivated and make a big result. Given that Wallace had the best season last year, many are surprised that Wallace is not satisfied, but it only shows how much he strives to be better day by day. 

Speaking to the media during the Daytona 500, Wallace talked about his ambitions for 2024. What can please the fans of Wallace and 23XI Racing is the fact that Wallace enters this season with a totally different mindset. This 30-year-old NASCAR driver confirmed that he has never felt so great physically and mentally.

"The best I’ve felt mentally. Physically I feel about the same. I’m lazy. I’m a bum (laughing). I need to go and work out. My wife [Amanda] tells me that, and lose a couple of pounds, but mentally, I have more appreciation. I have the confidence, and the awareness of where I’m at in the sport and having just a new appreciation or a different appreciation, just a different mindset going into this year, racing for something totally different. I feel good about it."- Wallace said, as quoted by motorsport.com

Wallace doesn't seem to be very optimistic about Daytona and Atlanta. However, after such races, Wallace believes that his team has an ideal chance to make a breakthrough and register a great result. Bubba has huge expectations for the race in Vegas. This could be the momentum from which his team will move towards the final goal.

"Get through these first two weeks – Daytona and Atlanta – they are just about survival, and then showcase that you can run up front and get pushed, and be a pusher and all of that. I think you really start at Vegas. Good mile-and-a-half for us. There is a reason that Jimmie [Johnson] jumped into a Toyota and made all of his schedule mile-and-a-halves. Toyota is really good at mile-and-a-halves.”

Playfully, Wallace mentioned that his positive outlook is partly thanks to crew chief Bootie Barker's bourbon collection, as shown in the Netflix docuseries. However, he then shared that reaching the age of 30, celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary, and simply enjoying life have contributed to this positive change.  Bubba realized that he had to have a positive attitude and positively look at life. NASCAR is the kind of sport where you have pressure from race to race. For individuals, it is difficult to cope with such pressure, and many never reach their full potential precisely because of such pressure. Wallace intends to enter this season much more focused, smarter, and not look back on criticism and rumors.

Wallace emphasized the importance of having fun, letting go of minor concerns, and focusing on more significant aspects. Reflecting on his younger self in the 2014 Truck Series, he noted the carefree attitude and lack of self-doubt. Wallace wants to have the same attitude again. This is the attitude that allowed him to reach the level he is at now.

Now, he aims to bring back that confident mindset, expressing that watching those races has inspired him to feel good about the present.

Bubba Wallace is known to have great records in superspeedway racing. This is also the reason why the leaders of 23XI racing, as well as the fans of this team, have high expectations from Wallace when it comes to superspeedway racing. This 30-year-old driver does not want to put the accent on himself and believes that there are many great drivers when it comes to superspeedway racing.

Bubba Wallace praises Denny Hamlin

Wallace praises his boss, Denny Hamlin, as one of the top, if not the top, superspeedway racers, emphasizing their effective collaboration on speedways. He recognizes Hamlin's lead-keeping skills and emphasizes the need for personal improvement. Wallace places Hamlin, Ryan Blaney, and Joey Logano as the top three restrictor plate racers, positioning himself in the top ten. With this, Wallace wanted to show respect to his colleagues, who have done great things when it comes to this type of racing.

Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin
Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin© Chris Graythen / Getty Images Sport

He highlights the importance of finishing races strongly and attributes success to the collaborative effort with the 23XI team. Wallace stressed the significance of both instinct and supportive equipment and personnel in achieving positive results.

The most important thing for him is that he has huge support from Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan. They expect Hamlin to make a breakthrough this season and achieve the ultimate goal. It will be interesting to follow the performances of this great NASCAR driver this season.

Tyler Reddick is also a driver from whom there are huge expectations when it comes to 2024.

Bubba Wallace