Denny Hamlin's 2024 Vision: Greater Success and Final 8 Spots for 23XI Racing

“I mean, our expectation is to continue to get better."- Hamlin said.

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin's 2024 Vision: Greater Success and Final 8 Spots for 23XI Racing
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Denny Hamlin has stressed from the start of 23XI Racing that the aim is to get better every year and eventually win the NASCAR Cup Series.

One of the owners of 23XI Racing, Hamlin, expressed enormous ambitions upon entering such a project. In addition, the majority owner, Michael Jordan, with the help of Hamlin, set goals and created a clear picture regarding the future of this team. 

Both are optimistic about the 2024 season. They think it's time to make a breakthrough this year. 

The Actions Detrimental podcast was an opportunity for the 43-year-old experienced driver and NASCAR owner (Hamlin) to talk about his ambitions for 23XI Racing and 2024. Denny emphasized that he wants to see even greater success this year. He expects to see both drivers in the Final 8. That will be one of the steps towards the final goal.

“I mean, our expectation is to continue to get better. That’s a very vague statement. You know, I — just two cars in the playoffs, that’s way too modest, for what we have going on there. So my goal would be to have both cars, at least both cars in the Final 8.

That’s my goal, that continues to move us towards that trajectory of having a car in the Final 4 in the first five years.”- Denny Hamlin, as quoted by

To improve the team's chances in the 2024 campaign, Hamlin and the decision-makers at 23XI Racing have made changes. They've added resources, expanded the team, and invested in a new employee-friendly building. Hamlin mentions hiring more personnel, including engineering staff, and acquiring advanced tools for future endeavors.  

They realized that it is necessary to change a lot if they want to be a world-class team. There is enormous quality within the team, but to go one step further, it is necessary to be a perfectionist. 

Hamlin and Jordan are. As current and former athletes, they know very well how important it is to invest your maximum in order to achieve the goal. However, it is necessary to go step by step, determine where mistakes are made, and use such a chance for success. Both of them are great visionaries and people with enormous experience. No one doubts that they can do great things on the NASCAR scene.

Denny expresses confidence that the team now has everything needed to compete for race wins every week. Hamlin sets the team's expectations high, aligning them with a successful team like Joe Gibbs Racing, emphasizing the importance of aiming for goals similar to those of accomplished teams.

Hamlin and Jordan intend to watch other teams and determine what they are doing to compete with the best. The 2024 season will be a good opportunity to see how far they have progressed and what changes they have made. Looking at the drivers, there is no shortage of quality, that's for sure.

Bubba Wallace is optimistic: The best I’ve felt mentally

What can please the leaders of this team is the optimism of their two drivers: Bubba Wallace and Tyler Reddick. After a great 2023 season, both have even greater ambitions for 2024. Although Wallace achieved the best result of his career the previous year, he did not feel very good at the end of the season, thinking that he could have done much more. However, he used the break to analyze the previous season, understand where he went wrong and entered this season fully prepared and cautious. Taking a break is sometimes the best way to do an analysis.

Speaking to the media during the Daytona 500, Wallace once again confirmed how he felt.

Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace© James Gilbert / Getty Images Sport

Bubba Wallace mentioned that he feels mentally stronger than before. Although he emphasizes feeling physically the same and humorously describes himself as lazy, admitting to needing to work out and lose a few pounds as advised by his wife, Amanda. 

Despite the physical aspect, Wallace emphasizes a positive mental state, expressing increased appreciation, confidence, and awareness of his position in the sport. Racing for a new and distinct purpose this year has contributed to a different mindset, and Wallace is optimistic and content about it.

Wallace has always been an interesting person on the NASCAR scene. Looking at the NASCAR Cup Series drivers, Wallace seems to be the one getting the most attention of all. There are several reasons for this; His activity outside of NASCAR and his statements. Nevertheless, Bubba tends to be the person he has always been: Honest, motivated, and brave! This year will be a good opportunity to show how much he has learned from previous seasons. 

Perhaps 2024 is his opportunity to accomplish his ultimate goal, and to achieve that, he will require the support of 23XI Racing.

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