Denny Hamlin angry over Bubba Wallace's statement on Netflix's NASCAR: Full Speed

“It bugged me a little bit when I watched the Netflix thing."- Hamlin said.

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin angry over Bubba Wallace's statement on Netflix's NASCAR: Full Speed
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The Netflix show NASCAR: Full Speed has caused a special excitement factor among NASCAR fans and drivers. Given that many people in the world are not particularly familiar with NASCAR as a sport, the Netflix show was a great opportunity for countries that have no contact with sports such as NASCAR to get to know what NASCAR is and how much excitement it brings. 

Denny Hamlin, NASCAR driver and one of the owners of 23XI Racing, is happy with this show. However, watching this show, he was not happy with one of the statements made by a member of his team, Bubba Wallace

This great NASCAR driver (Bubba) made the playoffs last season. However, Wallace did not expect to achieve such a great result and finish 10th overall. Hamlin emphasized in his 'Actions Detrimental podcast' that Wallace underestimates himself and the team. Given that 23XI Racing is a young team, some did not expect them to be able to make such a breakthrough.

“It bugged me a little bit when I watched the Netflix thing, and Bubba, he’s always got this chip on his shoulder. He says, ‘We’re not supposed to be here.’ I was like, ‘Yeah you are. I expect you to be here.’ Just because a few fans don’t think you’re good enough personally to get there."- Hamlin said, as quoted by

The 23XI Racing team was established in 2020. Former NBA star Michael Jordan announced the formation of a Cup team at that time. Denny Hamlin is a minority owner of this team, while Jordan is the majority owner. 

Interestingly, Bubba Wallace is their first driver. Considering that the team was formed just over three years ago, it can be said that they have done an excellent job in a short period. However, they have no intention of stopping there. Their ambitions include winning the NASCAR Cup Series in the future.

Bubba Wallace
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Denny Hamlin had only words of praise for Bubba Wallace. This experienced NASCAR driver and team owner believes that Wallace has the potential to consistently be at the top. Hamlin was particularly upset when he saw Wallace underestimating himself. 

Hamlin also emphasized that Wallace needs to be patient and strive for progress from season to season, which Bubba is doing. Wallace shows improvement every year. 

Denny has undoubtedly given a lot of advice to this 30-year-old driver who is often a target of criticism. Hamlin stressed it's crucial for every driver, including Wallace, to identify and work on their weaknesses.

“You absolutely have everything that it takes to be a top-10 point guy, and then you figure out how to get a little better every single year. Then you start chipping away. ‘Okay, I’m gonna make the final eight this year.’ Then I’m gonna figure out, okay, where’s my weaknesses, let’s go work on that. And then I’m gonna get my way into the final four."

It is challenging to expect rapid progress when you have many older and more experienced teams within NASCAR. Hamlin wants to leverage his experience to help his team advance as quickly as possible. Although Jordan and Hamlin may not be entirely satisfied with the progress, the fact remains that there is progress.

Denny hopes that his drivers can compete for victory weekend after weekend. Considering the quality of Bubba Wallace and Tyler Reddick, it is certain that they have the potential to be at the top

“It’s a slow and steady progression for sure, but as a team owner I expect my guys to compete for race wins each and every week because I believe we give them to resources to do that.”- Hamlin concluded.

Denny Hamlin praised Bubba Wallace after the end of the 2023 season

After the end of the 2023 season, Denny Hamlin had words of praise for Wallace and his success.

Denny Hamlin pointed out that for the second straight season, Bubba Wallace successfully secured a spot in the top 10 in the playoff system. 

Hamlin stressed the team's ongoing improvement, putting an accent on their strong performance over 10 weeks. He observed that Wallace's steady performance from the regular season smoothly transitioned into the playoffs, achieving top 5 and top 10 finishes. 

Hamlin also acknowledged the team's advancements on pit road throughout the year, recognizing that there is still potential for further improvement.

It will be interesting to see how much the 23XI Racing team can do this season. After all, much higher expectations will be placed on this team. Hamlin hopes that this season can be even more successful for his team. Jordan is also optimistic that his team will make an even bigger leap in 2024.

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