Denny Hamlin's next move: Creating a new slogan to frustrate NASCAR fans

"I’m going to retire the, ‘I beat all your favorite drivers.'"

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin's next move: Creating a new slogan to frustrate NASCAR fans
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Denny Hamlin won the first NASCAR event of the year, the Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum. 

From the very beginning, the great NASCAR driver demonstrated that he was the primary contender for victory, and ultimately, he successfully achieved his goal.

His ambitions this season are to go all the way and potentially win the NASCAR Cup Series. Hamlin fans are optimistic that 2024 is a great chance for Hamlin to succeed in this. 

After the end of the race, in an interview with FOX Sports, Hamlin expressed his happiness with the victory, but what is especially striking are his last words in the interview: 'I beat your favorite driver, again!'. 

This behavior is familiar to us coming from him. Fans of other drivers are frustrated by his behavior, and social media reactions highlight this sentiment. Many emphasize that Hamlin is trying to play the role of a heel, or they note the fact that he has never won the NASCAR Cup Series championship.

The Actions Detrimental podcast was an opportunity for Denny to explain his reaction. This NASCAR veteran confirmed that he will not use such a slogan in the future. The reason for that is his father. He texted him and emphasized that he did not like Hamlin's behavior.

“So I gave them the, ‘I beat your favorite driver,’ again. Which, breaking news, I always say that at least once in every podcast, I’m going to have to retire it. I’m going to retire the, ‘I beat all your favorite drivers,’ because I got a text, and those of you (that) saw the Netflix special, with my dad. He sent me a text and he said, ‘Son, you’ve got to stop that. I don’t like it. It’s just too cocky.’"- Hamlin said, as quoted by

Hamlin confirmed that he will obey his father and that he will not use such a slogan in the future. However, Denny is already creating the next slogan, which will surely frustrate some NASCAR fans. This great NASCAR driver seems to enjoy the reactions of individuals.

"I’m going to listen to dad on this one. So we’re going to retire it. That’s the last time I think — jokes are always funnier the first time you say it, not the second or third or whatever anyway. So we’ll come up with something new next time around.

But ‘I beat your favorite driver, all of them,’ is officially going to go down in the history books. It’s done.”

Denny Hamlin talks about leading after the Lap 141 restart: It’s so chaotic on the restarts

Hamlin talked about leading after the Lap 141 restart. He used good momentum, knowing the competition was tough, and everyone wanted a good result. His experience and calmness were important. Hamlin is an experienced driver with lots of races under his belt, so he knows what to do. This success will boost him for future races, and he has a clear goal ahead.

“I got a really good run off Turn 2 and just got position and was able to hang on from there. It’s so chaotic on the restarts, with everyone bumping and banging, but it’s great to win here in L.A.

It’s just a great momentum boost. It doesn’t do much more than that, but I clean off all the trophies every January 1 in the entryway to the house, and now we get to add one pretty quick, so I’m really happy about that.”

Denny Hamlin
Denny Hamlin© Meg Oliphant / Getty Images Sport

In a joking way, Hamlin said, "Who doesn't like a winner, right?" He then thanked the whole FedEx team, recognizing their excellent work in the first round. Hamlin was genuinely happy about how well the team has been doing and looks forward to keeping up the good work in future races.

Denny also expressed optimism about the upcoming races and what's to come. Aware of how much effort his team put in, there is no doubt that his team is ready to make a miracle! Already before the start of the season, it could be felt that they gave their maximum, with the aim of Hamlin and his colleagues making a breakthrough.

Often contested and criticized for many reasons, Hamlin still wants to win the NASCAR Cup Series championship. NASCAR fans can often be angry with him, whether because of his statements or behavior. One is certain; Hamlin is a great driver who was sometimes unlucky at crucial moments in his career. However, no one can underestimate his successes and what he has done in this sport.

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