Denny Hamlin critiques Busch Light Clash: Where's the excitement?


Denny Hamlin critiques Busch Light Clash: Where's the excitement?
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NASCAR changed a lot from year to year and got a new form. Slightly older fans, but also a lot of newer fans, do not agree with the changes that are implemented from year to year. 

However, each of the sports nowadays tends to progress and attract as many fans as possible. The goal of the leading organizations of each sport is to strengthen marketing, attract sponsors, and earn huge money. 

NASCAR legend Denny Hamlin, despite winning at the Busch Light Clash, is not happy with NASCAR's changes. This experienced driver feels that the Busch Light Clash doesn't have the excitement factor it used to have. Innovations introduced by the leaders of NASCAR have affected that Hamlin does not feel the excitement as he used to.

“Even over time, they keep – it got diluted, right? We got a fan vote now, we’re going to invite the top two of Y-manufacturer. It just became diluted and over time – like the Clash itself used to be just pole winners. So when you win poles, I remember in 2006 it was a big deal to win a pole knowing that ‘BAM!’ I got my ticket to run the Clash."- Denny Hamlin said, as reported by

Denny Hamlin talked about the start of his career, especially in 2006. That was when he first got the chance to join the races. Winning the pole position was a big deal back then because it meant he could be part of the Clash event. The thrill he felt during those early days is different from the excitement he feels now after winning.

“That’s how I won the Clash in 2006 in my rookie year is that I happened to win the pole at Phoenix (in 2005) in one of my tryout races for Joe Gibbs Racing’s Cup car. Just hit a lap, got on the pole and I knew I was full-time the following season but it was like ‘Oh * I’m in the Clash now,’ and ended up winning."

The 43-year-old driver emphasized that before it was much more difficult to be part of this race. However, NASCAR made modifications from year to year and adapted to the changes. Things are completely different now. Still, it's a big deal to get a win at the Busch Light Clash alongside such big names. 

Hamlin once again showed his top qualities and announced that he could compete for the very top this season. Besides him, several other individuals impressed us. An exciting season awaits us with a handful of excitement. Let's hope that the race for the champion will be exciting until the very end.

“Back then I think it was about 16, 18 cars per year made the Clash that was about the number of pole winners that you had. But then teams would gripe, well my sponsor’s not getting shown, and eventually, NASCAR went in a direction of, we’re just going to invite more, it’s more, more, more.”

Ryan Blaney and his complaints after the race

Ryan Blaney was also impressive at the Busch Light Clash, finishing second behind Denny Hamlin. After a great season in which he managed to win the NASCAR Cup Series, Blaney enters the new season with equally big ambitions.

Ryan Blaney, Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch
Ryan Blaney, Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch© Chris Graythen / Getty Images Sport

The victory from the previous season will also take the pressure off this great driver, who enters the new season relaxed, but also motivated. Regarding the last race, Blaney had certain complaints. Blaney believes that Hamlin didn't make a clean getaway on the last restart. In an interview with the media, Ryan explained his view.

“Yeah, by a few feet. Obviously he kicked my *on the restart so I’m going to say he jumped, but I thought it was a few feet early. It didn’t make a difference.”- Blaney said.

Despite his complaints, Ryan Blaney believes he wasn't at his peak either. These are races that Blanley enjoys, but he is aware that he could have given much more this time. In any case, serious races follow, and his imperative will be victory and nothing else. Ryan has proven to everyone that he has the qualities. He aims to continue in the future as well.

“I got a terrible restart on the last one. Probably wouldn’t have won anyway, but came from a long way back, so it was fun. I think every time I’ve been I’ve been spun backwards about two or three times, so it’s not nice to have that one at the last one, so it’s good.”

Denny Hamlin