Denny Hamlin on the Kyle Larson-Bubba Wallace incident and the drivers' reaction

"I didn’t see Bubba comment on it."- Denny Hamlin said.

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin on the Kyle Larson-Bubba Wallace incident and the drivers' reaction
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After the interesting incident at the Busch Light Clash between Kyle Larson and Bubba Wallace, there were reactions from NASCAR fans and drivers who have a divided opinion about everything.  These two great NASCAR drivers have often been in the spotlight, and so this time.

Near the end of the race, Bubba Wallace was spun out by Kyle Larson. Immediately, question marks appeared overhead, and individuals questioned whether Larson decided to take revenge on Wallace in such a way.  Larson is a person who does not like the aggressive approach of individuals and is ready to respond.

NASCAR legend Denny Hamlin commented on the fight between these two great drivers in his Actions Detrimental. Throughout the race, Wallace consistently caused issues for Larson, causing Larson to respond similarly.

“Then you saw the Larson and Bubba [incident]. I watched Larson’s interview he’s like, ‘Well, Bubba used me up multiple times,’ he says ‘That was the third time,’ and he was like ‘I just reached the point where I’m like *. I don’t want to go home mad, so I’m just going to make sure I take care of this right here on the white flag lap. So he spun out Bubba, right?!"- Denny Hamlin said, as reported by

Still no reaction from Bubba Wallace, which Hamlin noticed. It seems that this 30-year-old driver realized that he made a mistake. An answer from Bubba could be expected at any moment. 

Bubba Wallace
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However, NASCAR often brings stories like this, and many are not surprised that the same thing happened this time. Hamlin believes that things between them are now even after everything.

“And it didn’t, I didn’t see Bubba comment on it. It seemed that he was resigned to the fact that, ‘Well I got to the 5, he had enough so he took care of me.’ So I think that they, that part of it’s fine. Larson got out of it what he needed to and Bubba probably understood why.”

Kyle Larson reacts to Bubba Wallace's approach

Kyle Larson still decided to react after a race in which he could have achieved much greater things. You could feel from the very beginning that Larson entered this race focused, ready to make a success. The NASCAR scene is such that your plans don't necessarily become reality. Many factors affect your position, but the most important thing is to be motivated and strive for success.

Larson says Wallace was driving well earlier, so he let him pass. Later, during a restart, Wallace drove aggressively, causing a crash that messed up their positions.

Larson talks about another restart where Wallace's aggressive moves caused more problems. Fed up with these incidents, Larson decided to get back at Wallace in the last restart. He didn't want to make him spin out but show him how it feels to be pushed around. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned, and Wallace ended up spinning out.  Larson had different intentions, but NASCAR is such that if you want to retaliate, the consequences can be severe. Kyle is an experienced driver who doesn't want to put up with things like this season after season. He realized that he had to do something about it.

Larson understands that racing is tough, and he's disappointed they couldn't have an easier race, especially when they were doing well in the fifth, sixth, and seventh positions. He didn't mean to cause a spin, but Larson says the incident happened because of the tough competition and him getting frustrated with it.

This will be an important lesson for Wallace, who is likely aware that he went too far at certain moments. Frustrated by the previous season, although it can be said that it was successful, Bubba wants to do much greater things this season. This approach speaks in favor of it. We'll see what the future holds for this great NASCAR driver who has no doubt he's ready for better things.

NASCAR fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the incident. While most support Larson and believe he did the right thing, some believe Wallac's overwhelming desire sometimes results in such things. Both drivers have top quality, we have no doubts about that. 

The only question is what the new season will bring for them, given that year after year we see an increasingly aggressive approach by individuals and increasingly high-quality drivers in one place. 

It will be interesting to see off the new season, which could bring us a dose of excitement. Several individuals stand out as the main favorites to win the NASCAR Cup Series, but only one will make it!

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