Denny Hamlin Gets Ready for NASCAR Season with Unique Preparations

He's working hard to prepare and shared that he's spending time in the simulator, driving until he gets tired

by Sead Dedovic
Denny Hamlin Gets Ready for NASCAR Season with Unique Preparations
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Denny Hamlin, who had shoulder surgery on Nov. 22, plans to join the Feb. 4 Busch Light Clash after expressing uncertainty on Nov. 30 due to his recovery.  This great NASCAR driver is aware that some time is necessary to fully recover, and that there is no need to speed up the recovery process right now. Hamlin wants to follow the doctor's orders and in this way help himself to recover as soon as possible and get back on track.

“It’s something that you can’t shortcut. The recovery is what it is. I knew that I was in for three months (recovery) when I got out (of surgery) and there’s just no way to shortcut it."- he said, as quoted by

Denny pointed out that he won't be fully ready when the season starts. He believes it will take some time to be in top form, aiming to show his best in April. Fans miss seeing his great performances. Denny is a skilled driver who has shown his abilities many times on NASCAR tracks. We'll see what exciting stories Denny will create this season.

“Am I going to be 100 percent (at the start of the season)? No, that’s not until probably March or April that I’ll be 100 percent. But I certainly will be better to start this year than I ended last year.”

Hamlin and Elliott both had shoulder surgery in the offseason. Elliott, the 2020 Cup champion, shared that everything is going well for his return to the car at the Clash, staying on schedule with physical therapy and positive progress.

Chase Elliott
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Hamlin talked about getting ready for the new racing season. He mentioned trying out a racing simulator for the first time this year. He's working hard to prepare and shared that he's spending time in the simulator, driving until he gets tired, and then they take a break. He's gradually increasing how much he practices to get in shape and be ready for the upcoming races. It seems like he's putting in a lot of effort to be at the top of his game for the new season.

Denny Hamlin is working hard on his goals and wants to recover

Denny Hamlin has always stayed true to his goals despite facing challenges and injuries in his racing career. His determined mindset is why he's such a great driver, and people will remember him even after he stops racing. Dealing with an injury like this must have messed up his plans, but Hamlin knows he has to accept the situation.

In NASCAR, you're bound to run into tough situations, and injuries are just a regular part of the game. But Hamlin has a history of bouncing back stronger. He never lets anything get in the way of winning. This time around, he's heading into the season with the same attitude. His goal is to be at the top and show everyone that he still has what it takes to win.

Watching how he performs, especially after the injury, will be interesting. Even Hamlin himself isn't too sure if he can give his absolute best right away, but it's too early to make any final judgments.

Hamlin talked about how working out in the gym helps him get stronger, but it's not the same as driving a racing car. He mentioned that different muscles are used and can get tired when he's actually in the car. So, even though he's trying to be physically fit, being ready for a race is a different challenge. 

This is another confirmation that being a NASCAR driver is not easy at all. However, Hamlin does not want to give up his goals, and certainly the gym can be of great help to him at this moment, at least to improve his physical condition. His preparations for the races will be somewhat different this time. Hamlin will have to adapt to a completely different preparation system. Throughout his career he had to adapt many times. And this time it shouldn't be a problem for him.

He's planning to join a race called the Clash, and he thinks it's a good opportunity to see how well he can handle the fatigue. This way, if he feels tired or worn out, it will be a good test before the Daytona race in two weeks. Hamlin wants to make sure he's in the best shape possible for the important races.

Fans of this driver hope that despite all the adversity, Hamlin can show his qualities in full glory, and bring the excitement factor to NASCAR tracks again. Hamlin doesn't want to think negatively at this point. Optimism is what pulls him to the top.

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