Chase Briscoe on expectations for the Chili Bowl


Chase Briscoe on expectations for the Chili Bowl
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Chase Briscoe missed the Tulsa Shootout, but he's ready for the Chili Bowl and aims for a top-10 finish in the main event. He's been at the Chili Bowl since 2015 and made it to the main race once, finishing 22nd after a flip. Briscoe mentioned that the Chili Bowl is tough because there are so many racers, making it hard to keep track of everyone, which can cause problems while racing. It is difficult for him to set expectations for this race, given that he does not know the intentions of the other drivers. In such conditions it is very difficult to race and be focused. However, Briscoe is ready to give his best and achieve a great result.

Chase Briscoe
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“That’s the hard part I feel like. On the NASCAR side, and even the sprint car side and stuff. I know how everybody races.

I know their tendencies, I know what to do in certain situations. But when I go to the Chili Bowl, I have no idea what half the guys do and what to expect. So, I feel like that’s what makes it a lot of fun. You just have to go there and react.”- Briscoe said, as quoted by

Chase Briscoe's expectations

Chase Briscoe thinks reaching the top 10 on Saturday at the Chili Bowl is realistic. He really wants to be competitive and perform well. Briscoe believes he's usually at his best, but this year, he's been doing more dirt racing. His main aim is to make it to the main race on Saturday, and if they don't, he'd be pretty disappointed after putting in so much effort all week.

Fans hope that Briscoe can really make a great result, considering the qualities that he has shown so far. It will be interesting to follow the race. There are many drivers who are just as motivated as him and eager to make a positive result. However, only the best will last until the end.