Stewart-Haas Racing sent a New Year's message to the 'haters'


Stewart-Haas Racing sent a New Year's message to the 'haters'
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Stewart-Haas Racing had a challenging 2023 season, but that hasn't reduced their motivation. They truly believe that 2024 holds better things for them and more success. The team is optimistic about progress and heading in a positive trajectory for the upcoming year. They sent an interesting message through Twitter/X to those who doubted them, expressing their determination to prove their potential as a great team. It's evident that their aspirations for the next season are much higher, and they're eager to achieve great things together.

“We’ve seen the doubters and heard all the haters. But anyone who doubts us doesn’t really know us. So we’re kicking off 2024 reminding everyone of who we are. Because as racers we’ve never lost our ambition. And as a team, we’ve always stayed true to our DNA.”- they wrote on social media!

Josh Berry and Noah Gragson will be the mainstays of this team, although NASCAR fans are not optimistic that the two have the potential to make a good result. However, SHR believes that both are promising and great drivers who can make a difference.

Noah Gragson and his statement

In a team announcement, Noah Gragson shared his appreciation for joining Stewart-Haas Racing. While many in the racing world are slowing down for the offseason, Gragson is already enthusiastic about starting preparations for the upcoming 2024 season and getting back to racing promptly. He noticed the team's immense passion for racing as soon as he entered their facilities, perceiving their drive to compete and win races. Gragson highlighted his own high aspirations, aiming to meet the team's and his own standards, committed to delivering strong results.

Noah Gragson
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Josh Berry is also a driver from whom team leaders and fans expect great things. This 33-year-old will drive No. 4 Ford Mustang Dark Horse for Stewart-Haas Racing. It will be a great opportunity for him to confirm his qualities and achieve his goal in the next season. 

The question is whether the Berry-Gragson partnership will bring results, but it is to be hoped that SHR made the right decision and that they carefully analyzed the situation on the NASCAR scene. One thing is certain: An interesting and exciting season awaits us!

Noah Gragson