Jeff Gordon on the positives and negatives of the 2023 season


Jeff Gordon on the positives and negatives of the 2023 season
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Jeff Gordon, the Vice Chairman of Hendrick Motorsports, reflected on the successful season, expressing excitement about their achievements. He emphasized the strong performances of both the No. 5 and No. 24 teams, noting their periods of dominance and outstanding performances at different times throughout the year.

“It’s hard not to be excited to have two (teams) that went to the Championship 4 and had a shot at winning the championship. Those two teams performed at a high level all year long. The 24 car started strong and had a little bit of a lull during the summer, but overall they just continued to gain momentum. The 5 car – they won it all before. They’ve had big seasons like they had in ’21. To see them grind it out this year and find their way to Phoenix (Raceway) to compete for a championship was exciting and great for the whole company to see."- Hendrick Motorsports vice chairman Jeff Gordon said, as quoted by!

On the other hand, Gordon believes that his team could have achieved more despite the great performances. The Phoenix race was a race from which Gordon had high expectations. In the end, he was disappointed.

“At the same time, we came up short. That’s also a bit disappointing. I feel like Hendrick Motorsports thrives in those opportunities. I feel like we executed flawlessly in that Phoenix race, but we just didn’t have the speed. We got beat quite simply. We will be highly motivated through that experience for 2024.”

Alex Bowman: We were so strong to start the year

In a recent conversation with, Alex Bowman reflected on the season behind us. Although many underestimate their results and success, Bowman believes that his team has shown quality many times.

“We were so strong to start the year, obviously led the points for a bit and were really good week in and week out, really up until I got hurt,” Bowman said.

“Then the wheels kind of fell off from there. I think everybody looks at our 2023 season and is like, ‘Man, you guys struggled.’ But the reality is, when we were firing on all cylinders we were the most consistent car and one of the best cars every week.”

Jeff Gordon