Joey Logano explains his statement that NASCAR fans are spoiled

"When are you going to meet an NFL player? Can you meet an NFL player anytime."- Logano said.

by Sead Dedovic
Joey Logano explains his statement that NASCAR fans are spoiled
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Joey Logano made some interesting statements during his appearance on "The Morning Drive" on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio that caused reactions from NASCAR fans. Logano has long emphasized how different NASCAR fans are from others. Namely, he specifically touched on other sports and the relationship between fans and athletes. Logano referred primarily to the NHL.

“Our fans are spoiled,” Logano said, as reported by Sportsnaut. “I love our race fans but think about other sports for a second. Think about it. When are you going to meet an NFL player? Can you meet an NFL player anytime, three hours before the game? But you can meet me 30 minutes, 15 minutes, five minutes before I strap into the car. You can take a picture with me. I am there. All the other racers are the same. We walk down the red carpet before a race, and all the drivers stop and sign autographs. Or at least we try to. It’s hard to get everyone to but that’s the norm in our sport.”

Joey Logano explains his words

After criticism followed, Logano decided to explain his words and emphasize that many misunderstood what he actually wanted to say. Logano believes that clickbait headlines created chaos, although many did not want to delve deeper into his sentences and see the essential message. In addition, Logano recalled the moments when he was a boy and had the opportunity to meet his childhood heroes. These are memories that he will never forget and have been engraved in his memory since the first day. Meeting your idols and dreaming of becoming one day like them is really a fantastic thing.

“We had the classic, pot-stirring click-bait thing that was taken out of context and then blown out of proportion. That’s what happened. I guess I need to clear this up. Here is what I said: I said our race fans are spoiled because of the access they get compared to other sports and that got taken out of context as ‘Joey Logano says race fans are spoiled’ and that’s what not what I said at all. What I meant to say and what I did say is that the access race fans get is incredible.

And I love it, by the way, because remember, before every race car driver was a race car driver, they were a race car fan and I remember being a child going to the race track and meet my race car driving hero. That memory is in my mind all the way through the season. The access that NASCAR gives compared to the NFL and NBA … shoot, I went to a Clippers game after the championship and they let me sit courtside. Coolest thing in the world, but I did not meet one player or think about one of them coming over to say anything. They had no public appearance right before the game."

Logano feels NASCAR fans should feel fortunate to meet their idols. His words suggest that he believes some fans might not fully appreciate or respect the drivers.

If I compare that to what NASCAR offers race fans, that a grandstand ticket, and this is a fact, before the race, you can come down, right down to [driver] intros, and stand right next to the cars in the infield. I go over and say hello to them, especially if they’re wearing a 22 hat by the way, that helps. I was saying, boy, as race fans, and I’m including myself, do not have a lot to complain about on that subject.”

Joey Logano