Sheldon Creed on frustrations with RCR and leaving the team


Sheldon Creed on frustrations with RCR and leaving the team
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Sheldon Creed will be part of Joe Gibbs Racing next season. Speaking to SiriusXM NASCAR, he talked about his departure from Richard Childress Racing. Creed felt that he had no perspective in RCR, given that he gave his best but failed to achieve his goals. The frustrations were enormous, and parting was the only realistic option. Creed wanted a new adventure in his career.

"If you had asked me in August, even September I was going to go back to RCR and really just do the same deal again and I don’t know,” Creed said. “I’ve been frustrated the last two years really just not running well and it just gets irritating, right? You feel like you’re putting in a lot of work and I felt like I was, I don’t know, I don’t want to say better than the car but it just felt like that was holding me back a lot of the time."- Creed continued, as quoted by!

Sheldon Creed and his goals

Creed thought about his many options at that time. He didn't want to stay on a team that didn't make him happy. He wanted to join a team that was ready to win big. Creed wanted to win and do well. He realized that JGR was the best choice for him. Looking at the ambitions he's had since the first day of his career, it seems like Sheldon made a great decision.

“I finally think that frustration got to me and I started talking to people and I was even considering going back truck racing at some point just cause I was over running how I was and I wanted to go win races again. … And I knew I wanted to go and have a shot at winning races and not just falling into a win or just winning one or two here and there I wanted to go somewhere where I feel like I have a shot winning every week. I just felt like it as my time to move on and JGR was going to be a place that I could do that at.”