Kevin Harvick reveals what is 'enough' for him after the end of his career

Harvick is a driver who has impressed many season after season

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin Harvick reveals what is 'enough' for him after the end of his career
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Kevin Harvick will have to get used to life after retirement. This great NASCAR driver will try his hand as a broadcaster. It goes without saying what kind of mark Harvick left on the NASCAR scene and what he accomplished in his long career.

However, sometimes it is necessary to say goodbye! Harvick decided that it would be after the 2023 season. From the very beginning of his career, he wanted to achieve success by which his fans would remember him. He succeeded in that, and that's enough for him.

“If I’m remembered, that’s good enough for me,” Harvick said in a Mobil 1 video, quoted by! “As you go through your career you want to be able to do enough things where people will remember your name and pull your videos up and look at the records – and just have some impact scattered over the record books and the sport."

Kevin Harvick: It’s important to have the respect of your peers

Harvick has been a fighter since day one of his career and someone who has strived to be at the very top.

When you have such a long career, it is natural that certain conflicts and incidents sometimes occur. Nevertless, Kevin believes that it is not necessary to put an accent on it, considering that he has always had respect for his colleagues, as they have for him.

Harvick wants to remember the great moments that marked his career.

“It’s important to have the respect of your peers and them knowing that you were competitive and fierce and also fair and had a firm understanding of the sport and the history of the sport and respecting the things that come with NASCAR racing”.

Trying out new things and focusing on different aspects of life can be really interesting. Harvick is pretty excited about this change.

Kevin Harvick