Kyle Larson: I think the cars could be quieter to help the fan experience

Larson did not feel much difference after testing at Phoenix Raceway

by Sead Dedovic
Kyle Larson: I think the cars could be quieter to help the fan experience
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Short track test at Phoenix Raceway was an opportunity for NASCAR drivers to express their displeasure, but also to praise certain things about NASCAR cars. Kyle Larson seems to be one of the most dissatisfied. This phenomenal NASCAR driver made the biggest complaint about the Next Gen cars, which he thinks are too loud.

NASCAR executives worked on two factors; They wanted to improve heat issues. In addition, they used mufflers to reduce the noise. Larson is partially satisfied with the second one. “I haven’t felt, really, a heat difference.

I could definitely tell a sound difference, which I like,” Larson said, quoted by! “I definitely think our race cars are way too loud – and probably are still too loud with the mufflers. … I think the cars could be quieter to help the fan experience”.

NASCAR executives wanted to work on many more things. However, Larson is still not impressed with what he has seen and feels that there is not much progress. “I’m not really into the technical side of it,” Larson said, quoted by Kickin the Tires.

“I’m just out there driving and not necessarily putting two and two together, but nothing seems way different to me. Ride quality and stuff changed with the different splitter, but I don’t know how it races any differently in traffic or anything like that”.

Ryan Blaney reacts

Ryan Blaney is an example of every NASCAR driver feels things differently. He is happy with the testing and thinks there are many positive things. Blaney sensed improvement. “We unloaded exactly how we were here in the fall with this car,” Blaney said. “Ran a couple hours on it and then did the different splitter – big difference.

Massive with the way it drives. I mean, there’s so much downforce taken off of it with that. It drove hugely different, which it should. I mean, it’s a massive aero loss when you do that."

Kyle Larson