NASCAR president on expectations for charter agreement

“It’s a negotiation, but we’ll end up in a good places"

by Sead Dedovic
NASCAR president on expectations for charter agreement
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NASCAR's focus on the charter agreement after securing the 2025 media rights deal. NASCAR executives have serious plans for the future and want to do big things. Teams and fans have different opinions on it. While there are many negative reactions, the positive ones seem to give more power to the NASCAR leaders.

Charters are crucial for championships and revenue sharing, giving teams a "franchise" status. There's an ongoing negotiation, but NASCAR's keen on changing the agreement. NASCAR president, Steve Phelps, has emphasized many times so far that he wants to do the best things for NASCAR.

He is optimistic about the future and what it holds for everyone; drivers and fans. “We’re going to come to a very good result for the race teams and the industry as a whole. I’ve said that to our race teams and, honestly, anyone who’s listened for the last year.

I believe that to be true. Would it be a fair deal? It’ll be a deal that will help the teams with their enterprise value to be more competitive on the racetrack."- Steve Phelps said for The Athletic, as quoted by!

Steve Phelps: It’s a negotiation, but we’ll end up in a good place

They are still in the negotiation process, but Phelps expects things to turn out ideally. There are many more plans in play by the NASCAR leaders.

They are committed and ready to do anything to keep NASCAR going in the right direction. “It’s a negotiation, but we’ll end up in a good place. I’m very confident about that. And then what’s next? It’s going to be continued integration of the stakeholders of our sport.

And I know that sounds kind of amorphous and it’s kind of BS. It’s not. It is the single most important thing that will lead to significant growth of our industry”.